Ben Indra


Did you know? Chris Pratt is Anna Faris’s Second Husband. Yes, Faris was married before Chris to an actor named Ben Indra. After the divorce of Faris and Indra in 2007, Where is Ben now? Is he Married or Single? Nothing about their marriage was disclosed until now. In 2017, Faris launched a book by the name of Unqualified where she pinpoints the details about her first marriage. Are you curious to know more? Then read along. Ben Indra Marriage to Anna Faris The couple met each other on the set of the movie Lovers Lane in 1999. According to WHO, Ben said, “She was really cool, and I just didn’t want to miss the chance to get to know her as much as possible. I was just completely hypnotized”. The pair tied the knot in June 2004 after Ben’s some struggle to propose the Scary Movie actress. As much…