Chris McNally


If you love watching movies from the Hallmark channel, then you might already be familiar with Chris McNally. The 26-year-old Canadian actor Chris McNally is famous for his portrayal in web series like Supernatural, Altered Carbon & The Orchard, among many other projects. Chris was also listed in the top 3 of the best Hallmark channel actors according to ranker. He has also appeared in many other movies and TV series as well. His most recent work can be seen in the television movie, A Winter Princess playing the role of Jesse. McNally has had a very successful acting career, but that’s not all he has also shown himself in many other roles. To know more about him, keep on reading till the very end. Early Life Actor Chris McNally originally known as Christopher McNally, who is now 26 years old, was born on November 8, 1992, in North Vancouver,…