D R Hickox


Once in our lifetime everyone of us has watched horror movies and enjoyed the thrill. Today’s topic is about an English director who followed his parent’s footsteps and started making scary movies. He is non-other than Anthony Hickox. Anthony Hickox is an English director, screenwriter, and producer who is famous for making horror genre movies. Some of the notable works of Anthony are Waxwork, Waxwork II: Lost in time, Sundown, Hellraiser III, aND Warlock: The Armageddon. To know more about Hickox stay tuned: Early Life of Anthony Hickox Anthony Hickox was born on January 1, 1959, in Hampstead, London to a family of filmmakers. He is the eldest son in the family to father Late Douglas Hickox and mother Anne V Coates. His dad was a director, while his mother won Academy award-winning as an editor for Lawrence of Arabia. He grew up alongside sister Emma E Hickox and brother…