Former Convict


It would bug to many people to know your husband’s relationship with a minor. However, the fact didn’t seem to affect Evanka Franjko. Franjko came to the limelight after her marriage with an auto body shop owner Joey Buttafuoco. Evanka looked past many facts and married her husband, who doesn’t have a good relationship with laws and tabloids. Evanka is married to Joey for fifteen years. However, her husband’s past relationship has been very controversial. Moreover, Joey even had to serve a prison sentence for being involved with a minor. The minor later shot his first wife. To find out more about Evanka Franjko, read the article until the end. Also, he marriage of fifteen years didn’t go as smoothly in the beginning. Early Life Although, Evanka is known in the limelight, she chose to keep her personal life as far as possible from the media. So the only information…