Jared Baker


On live television in front of the whole world, a guy named Jared Baker proposed Courtney Reagan to marry her. This was probably one of the romantic proposals on live television. We know the couple is married for almost five years now but how are things now? Reagan is a happily married woman but has the couple welcomed a new member in their family? Well, if you want to know more about the pair marital status and Jared’s Romantic Proposal, then keep reading. Courtney Reagan’s Married Life with Jared Baker The CNBC journalist tied the wedding knot with her long term boyfriend Jared Baker on August 31, 2014, as per the knot. According to the knot, the couple performed their wedding nuptials in New York. It is now five-years to their married life and the duo is enjoying their marital life. Prior to their marriage, the pair were in a…