Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal


There are very few people who are blessed with both looks and brains. Today’s topic is about a personality who not only looks dashing but also proved his intelligence with a degree from Harvard University. He is non-other than Keith Lieberthal. However, Keith didn’t gain fame for being a Harvard graduate lawyer. Despite his appearance and personality of a celebrity, Keith rose to stardom after marrying the famous actress, Juliana Margulies. To know more about the dashing lawyer, stay tuned: Life Before Stardom Keith Lieberthal was born on August 23, 1977, in Ohio to his dad, Kenneth Guy Lieberthal, and mom, Jane Lindsay. His father, Kenneth is an expert on China’s elite politics, political economy, domestic and foreign policy decision making. Keith is the eldest son in the family with his brother, Geoffrey Lieberthal. Keith completed his highschool from Mansfield high school before graduating from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor’s…