New Zealand born actor, Julian Dennison is famous for his role of Russel in the movie Deadpool 2. The kid who could emit fire from his hand? Yes, that’s Julian Dennison.  He is also best known for his role on the 2016 movie  Baker and in Hunt for the Wilderpeople.  Julian appeared in a movie that has made history in his homeland. Don’t you wonder what his net worth of six figures might be? To find out, keep reading the article until the end. Of Māori Descent Julian Bailey Dennison was born on 26 October 2002 in New Zealand. His mother, Mabelle Dennison, is also an actor known for her roles in Hunt for the Wilderpeople Whakatiki and The Strip. His father is Wayne Dennison. Julian was raised in Lower Hutt and is the third child out of four children. Moreover, he has a twin brother named Christian Dennison. Furthermore, Julian is…