Quick Facts of Julian Bailey Dennison

Julian Dennison

New Zealand born actor, Julian Dennison is famous for his role of Russel in the movie Deadpool 2. The kid who could emit fire from his hand? Yes, that’s Julian Dennison.  He is also best known for his role on the 2016 movie  Baker and in Hunt for the Wilderpeople. 

Julian appeared in a movie that has made history in his homeland. Don’t you wonder what his net worth of six figures might be? To find out, keep reading the article until the end.

Of Māori Descent

Julian Bailey Dennison was born on 26 October 2002 in New Zealand. His mother, Mabelle Dennison, is also an actor known for her roles in Hunt for the Wilderpeople Whakatiki and The Strip. His father is Wayne Dennison. Julian was raised in Lower Hutt and is the third child out of four children. Moreover, he has a twin brother named Christian Dennison.

Julian Dennison with his mother Mabelle and twin brother Christian.
Julian Dennison with his mother and twin brother. Source: Instagram Posted By @mabelledennison

Furthermore, Julian is of Māori descent and is a part of the iwi, Ngāti Hauā, and Tainui. Julian attended Naenae Primary School; from there, he auditioned for his debut movie Shopping in 2013. He also attended Hutt International Boys’ School in Upper Hut, New Zealand.

Rise to Stardom

Jullian Dennison debuted his career as an actor from the movie Shopping in 2013. In 2015 he was cast in an Australian film Paper Planes as Kevin. Director Taika Waititi asked Dennison to star in his 2016 film Hunt for the Wilderpeople after having worked with him for an advertisement before. Hunt for the Wilderpeople became the highest-grossing film of New Zealand to date

Dennison got the part of Russell (Rusty) Collins, aka Firefist in the film Deadpool 2, featuring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller. In the movie, he portrays the role of a mutant who can generate fire from his hands. Moving on, he will also appear in supporting role in the 2020 film Godzilla vs. Kong

Relationship Status

Julian Dennison has not revealed his relationship status to date. That is probably because the 17-year-old teenager is very focused on building his career at the moment. The actor is still a teenager and is not involved in any serious relationships, so far. Neither has he revealed about any past affairs.

Julian Dennison in Māori clothes. Looking at the camera
Julian Dennison. Source: Instagram Posted by @julliandennison

Moving on, the 17-year old actor has a height of 1.69m (5ft4inc). His weight is 75kgs. His hair is dark brown; also, he has light brown eyes. Moreover, because of his Māori decency, he is fluent in Māori language.

Net Worth of Six Figures

Julian Dennison has a net worth of $500,000. He earns his income through his acting career. Besides, his film Hunt for the Wilderpeople made a box office collection of 23.2 million USD. Likewise, his other movie, Deadpool 2, made a box office collection of 785 million USD worldwide. Even though he has a right amount of net worth and fan following, he tries to live a normal life. In an interview with Metro Us when asked if he still has a normal life, he replied with

“I don’t want to get bigheaded, and my family keeps me grounded. I still have a normal life and I would like to keep a normal life.”

Moreover, he also takes part in movements to encourage people to minimize the production of carbon dioxide that focuses on environment conservation. Also, in the moves to preserve and protect the right of indigenous people.