Melissa Ashworth


Like many celebrity kids who gain fame because of their parents, today’s topic is also about a similar kid who gained stardom after being born in a celebrity family. She is a passionate amateur horse racer, Savannah Blackstock. Savannah is the eldest daughter of the famous music manager, Brandon Blackstock, and his ex-wife, Melissa Ashworth, an actress. Moreover, Savannah also received public attention as the step-daughter of the popular singer, Kelly Clarkson. To know more about Savannah, continue reading the article below. Family Background Savannah Blackstock was born on June 7, 2002, to her famous parents, Brandon Blackstock and Melissa White. She grew up in Nashville Tennesse as the eldest daughter of the ex-couple. Savannah has a sibling; a brother, Seth Blackstock. Since she gained fame because of her dad’s marriage, there not much information about her profession. Currently, Savannah is in her teens. Despite that, there is no rumor…