President of the United States


The American attorney, politician and a member of the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris has decided to stand as a leader and even organized a presidential campaign for the White House presenting herself capable of becoming the new 2020 front-runner. On Sunday, Harris went through an official launch for her White House speech with a huge rally which collected over 20,000 people. During her speech, she started admitting the reason for standing up as a candidate. She said: “I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for President of the United States, I’m running for president because I love my country… I’m running to be president of the people, by the people, and for the people.” After the rally, Kamala delivered a strong and powerful speech which also sparkled words against Trump’s administration to her Oakland’s roots and other parts of the country. Also, read: Who is Kamala Harris Married to?…