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    Best known for stealing the Hollywood sweetheart Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley has an identity of his own. Many might know her as the husband of The Wolf of Wall Street actress, Ackerley has a good run in his career as a film director. Because of his successful career, he earned a net worth of $1.2 million and accumulated a good amount of assets.

    Tom has all the qualities of becoming a top filmmaker in Hollywood in upcoming years. With this, his wealth and income are set to reach new levels. Are you curious to know more about Ackerley’s sources of income and the films he made? Then, read along as we take a detour into his career.

    Tom Ackerley’s Net Worth and his Income Sources

    The 29-years-old film director earned a net worth of $1.2 million from his career. While on the other hand, Tom Ackerley‘s wife Margot has a staggering wealth of $8 million. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a film director earns $92,220 on average.

    Tom Ackerley (right) with his wife Margot Robbie (left)

    Ackerley’s exact salary is not disclosed his but he might be receiving somewhere from the median salary to $187,199 annually. Besides that, directors also tend to get a certain percentage from the film success. So, Ackerley might’ve earned some money through that.

    Not just that, The 29-years-old filmmaker is also a producer and produced one of the big movies in 2017. I, Tonya which featured his wife Robbie grossed at $53 million at the box office. The film was critically and commercially successful as it was produced on the budget of $11 million.

    Tom Ackerley’s Career in Movies

    He started his career in 2011 as the floor runner for various movies and TV Shows. Prior to becoming a big shot film director, Ackerley worked in films like The Hour, Big Fat Gypsy Gangster, Gambit, and Rush. In all of these films, he worked as a floor runner.

    He progressed from the earlier roles to the assistant director in films. Ackerley received many credits as an assistant director in shows like Playhouse Presents, Da Vinci’s Demons, and American Odyssey. In addition to that, his other works include The Last Days on Mars, The Two Faces of January, Pride, Suite Francaise, MI-5, and Macbeth.

    Tom Ackerley (right) with his wife Margot Robbie (left) at an Award Function

    Suite Francaise is the movie where he first met his future wife Margot Robbie. He started directing several films before getting into producing movies. Ackerley made his debut as a producer with the movie I, Tonya which received many Oscars, Golden Globes.

    His latest works include Dreamland and Terminal.

    Tom Ackerley’s Assets, House, Cars, and Lifestyle

    I, Tonya producer Ackerley is accumulating a good number of assets in terms of a new house, cars, and investment in a business. This helps to increase his wealth and allows him to live a comfortable lifestyle.

    After marrying Margot in 2016, the couple moved out of the sharing apartment and found themselves a new house. The pair recently arrived at JFK Airport in Queens, New York after their break. So, by going with that, we can know they must be living in NYC. On the current market price, an apartment price in NYC cost around $800,000.

    Margot Robbie (in the green dress) with her husband Tom (behind her) arriving at JFK airport

    Ackerley likes to spend his time with his friends in Australia. From his Instagram account, we can know that he loves surfing and watching soccer. He has a very comfortable lifestyle which he got after hard work over the years.

    There are no details about his cars; he must be driving a good one, However, Ackerley is very fond of Motorbikes. He even posted a picture of him on a bike with a caption #distinguishedgentlemansride #DGR.

    Tom Ackerley sitting on his Motorbike

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