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The Bronze World Medal winner for excellence in media communication, Catherine Herridge is a news correspondent for FOX News alongside Cheryl Casone. Catherine is in a married relationship for more than a decade now.  Who is her Husband? Is everything Ok between them?

There is a mystery about Catherine Herridge personal life as she keeps it low profile. More than mystery there is also wrong information about her married life. But we are going to clear your every doubt about her married life.

Who is her Husband? Is it Jeff Miller?

Guys, this is the wrong information we’re talking about. When you search about Catherine Herridge husband, then you will see Jeff Miller as her husband. That’s not true guys, Catherine is happily married to JD Hayes.

(From left to right) JD Hayes, Peter Herridge, Jamie Herridge, Jeff Miller, Catherine Herridge

JD Hayes and Catherine Herridge walked the aisle on March 13, 2004, nearly fifteen years ago. So, who is Jeff Miller? Jeff Miller is the producer at Fox News where Catherine Works. Catherine is happily married to her spouse JD Hayes and even is the mother of two children.

JD Hayes is the government officer at Air Force and his ranking is Lt. Col. The pair went through Helluva time when their son was diagnosed with rare liver disease.

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Catherine Herridge’s a brave Mother. Know about her Children

“Catherine Herridge is on the road to recovery”. You might be wondering what’s going on here? What happened to her? Well, this is the headline that grabbed viewers attention when Catherine and her son Peter went through Liver-transplant.

Peter Herridge was diagnosed with rare liver disease, biliary atresia right from his birth. The time was very tough for the whole family. But the couple were always there for each other. When Peter was five months old, the duo found out he was suffering from cancer.

Catherine Herridge (right) with her son Peter Herridge (left)

It’s hard for any parents to know such a thing about their child but Herridge never gave up. But the hope seems to fade as no donor was available for Peter. So, with doctors advice, Catherine took it upon herself to donate the liver for her son. Herridge said with respect to the donation that,

“Peter needs it and that’s really the end of it. My Son’s over at the Children’s Hospital.”

JD Hayes also has another child with Catherine, a son, Jamie Herridge. Not just the whole family but Herridge’s Fox News family and her viewers all were showing their support to the family in the time of need.

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The Second Life…

After a long operation, Peter and Catherine both were fine. Upon the completion of Operation, Catherine was thrilled to give her son a second chance. Not many people get the second chance in life, and we hope it really works out for him.

Catherine talked in an interview about giving her son a second life. She said,

“Several people have said this to me and I guess that’s probably true in some ways but, you know, you give life to somebody once that’s a very big deal. I mean you can understand it if you’ve done it. But several people have said to me it’s like giving him life a second time, which you know I never expected to, Yes. And I really hope it works out for him.”

We all hope the same for Peter as well.

Any Rumors or Controversies

Catherine and JD are living in Pittsburgh together with their sons. It’s been 15-years to their marriage and the couple personal lives are free from any sort of controversies and rumors. Whereas in Professional life she is surrounded by some controversies but all is well now.