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    The Last Man Standing actress Molly Ephraim found success in her career with some struggle. Molly is quite a success now in TV Sitcoms, Movies, and theatre works.

    Despite all the success in her career, the 33-years-old actress relationship is not quite successful. Her relationship status is a mystery to her fans, which builds to her being a lesbian. Is she secretly married or still single? Let’s figure it out what is she doing in her personal life?

    Molly Ephraim’s Relationship Status

    The 33-years-old actress likes her fans to keep guessing her relationship status. As of now, we still do not know who her boyfriend is. She might be single but her tweet in 2013 suggest otherwise.

    Looking at her movie characters, you might believe Molly is quite open about her affairs. But she is just the opposite as Ephraim keeps her personal life very secret. Going through her tweet in 2013, Molly suggested of having a boyfriend.

    Molly Ephraim with a guy who is allegedly her boyfriend

    Who is this mystery partner? The identity of the man, however, is not revealed. On February 9, 2013, the actress writes,

    “My new Boyfriend is really excited to be here for my last show. #flatstanley”

    She further flaunted about her boyfriend by posting a picture of the man on Twitter. But as of now, the picture is deleted maybe the couple broke up. Or another possibility can be Molly does not want any media attention in her romantic life.

    Is Molly Ephraim Single…

    As per many reports, we can tell she is not married but she might be in a romantic affair. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that Ephraim is single. Because of her secretive nature about her relationship, the rumors of being lesbian also float around.

    We can surely say that Molly is definitely not lesbian but the possibility of her being single is high. She was raised in the Jewish religion so, time will tell if she finds a Jewish guy, American, or European guy to spend the rest of her life with.

    What is Molly Ephraim Doing Now?

    The actress is very much busy in her career in movies, television shows, and theatre. Ephraim has her roots in Broadway theatres and often she is spotted portraying different characters there.

    (Right) Molly Ephraim in the show Last Man Standing

    Molly started her career in 2002 but made her mark on television in 2003. But she had to struggle for some years because her debut show did not make the cut in ABC. After continuous hard work, Ephraim made her mark among the audience as Mandy Baxter in 2011 series Last Man Standing.

    She appeared in the show for seven years before leaving the show in 2018. She played the main character in the show. Currently, Ephraim is busy with her new project Brockmire and also appears in one of the episodes of The Act.

    Hugh Jackman (left) with Molly Ephraim (right) during the movie promotion of Front Runner

    Molly also featured alongside Hugh Jackman in 2018 movie The Front Runner as Irene Kelly. For further updates, keep reading Allstarbio.com.