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Sheena Parveen, former NBC 10 News Meteorologist was part of the high profile exit when she left the station in mid-2016. Where is Sheena Parveen now?

We’re gonna talk about her career in a bit but what we know now is Sheena is still part of the media industry. From her career, Parveen has made a lucrative net worth. Let’s uncover more facts about her career and wealth.

Where is Sheena Parveen Working now?

After leaving NBC 10 News in the mid-2016, Sheena Parveen is currently working at NBC4 in San Diego. Parveen moved from the Philidelphia area to San Diego back in 2016 and remains at the post of a weather forecaster.

Sheena joined NBC 10 News in December 2011 and is still working at the station. When she was leaving Philly in 2016, Sheena addressed her regular viewers through her Facebook profile. Parveen is one of the most popular faces in NBC 10 and when she left the station, it was actually quite a big deal.

She wrote on her Facebook,

“I am sad to leave the Philadelphia area and our passionate and loyal viewers. With the news, I have enjoyed forecasting the weather here for almost 5 years and helping to keep our viewers safe. I will miss working with our amazing NBC10 First weather team as they continue to keep you safe during times of severe weather.”

Parveen alongside Renee Chenault-Fattah, Lisa Thomas-Laury, Howard Eskin, and Walt Hunter is one of the high profile exits.

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Sheena Parveen’s Career

The 31-year-old Meteorologist completed her education from Florida State University with a degree in meteorology. Right after completing her education, Sheena started working at Tallahassee News as an intern. The whole idea of doing an internship is to gain working experience and Sheena definitely got that.

That helped her to get a job at WCTV where she worked as a reporter, journalist, and weathercaster. Most of her coverage includes environment news. She gradually builds her career and finally, in 2009, Parveen stepped up in her career.

Sheena Parveen reporting on Weather

Parveen next step in her career came in 2009 when Fox Channel came calling to her. Sheena’s work impressed her employers and very quickly she gained the promotion. She started working as the head on-air forecaster in the show named Good Day Tampa Bay.

Sheena worked at the station until 2011 and during that period, Parveen also hosted the show called Pet Adoption. In 2011, Parveen joined NBC 10 News as a meteorologist and left the station in 2016. From then on she started working at the San Diego area for NBC 4.

Tammie Souza replaced Sheena Parveen at the NBC 10 News. Currently, Sheena is serving as Meteorologist alongside Marianne Kushi and Greg Bledsoe.

Sheena Parveen’s Net Worth

The 31-year-old meteorologist has accumulated the staggering net worth of $3 million from her long career. She’s worked in the media industry and makes her annual income in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When she worked at Fox Channel, Sheena received a $41,000 salary annually. Sheena worked as a reporter at the channel and after she moved to NBC10, Parveen made even more. According to Glassdoor, an average salary of a meteorologist at NBC News is at $161,000.

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So, Sheena might’ve received a similar amount of salary from working there. Parveen currently lives in Florida where the house cost is worth $233,700 on today’s market price. She loves cars and was seen driving $280,000 McLaren sports car. Parveen loves hanging out with her friends and enjoys adventure sports.

Sheena Parveen in a McLaren

Besides hanging out with her family, Sheena enjoys playing golf and spending time with her pet dog.


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