Today we are going to talk about Instagrammer who posts a variety of pictures of himself, occasionally alongside friends. The star is none other than Payton Moormeier.

Stars like Sebastian Moy, Daniella Perkins, Kristen Nicole, and other Payton is also huge Tiktok star. If you are one of his fans and love the prank videos he gets engaged in; then this article is definitely for you. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

Who is Payton Moormeier? Where Does he Live Now?

Despite his young age, we all know that Payton has already succeeded in landing millions of fans in his social media pages. He is constructing a brand that stands the test of time and is likely to push him into more illustrious possibilities beyond digital space.

He is also the proud proprietor of a merchandise line. There he sells clothes and accessories marked with his name or something witty that connects with his brand as a whole.

Payton Moormeier
Image: Payton Moormeier for an event

This successful celebrity kid with thousands of fans and followers as always one question, and that is about his whereabouts. Sixteen years old TikTok star was born in Camden County, Georgia. Wondering does he still lives in Georgia?

Well, yes, he still resides in Georgia and is pursuing a career from there itself. However, recently, he posted a picture of himself in North Carolina.

Payton Moormeier’s Height

Although Payton is just 16 years old, Mooemerier stands at a tall height of 5 feet 8 inches tall. Moormeier has a lean muscular frame that makes young girls and boys swoon over him. By eating well and working with a private coach, Payton Moormeier retains his fitness.

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Know Facts about Payton Moormeier

  1. Did you guys know that Payton Moormeier is depicted by the leadership of Vivid, who handles most of his reservations and career agreements? Yes, most of his career developing choices are made by Vivid management.
Payton Moormeier
Image: Payton Moormeier with his car
  1. He has a profound astronomical enthusiasm and interest and spends a lot of his time studying subject.
  2. Every time Moormeier is to choose his holiday destination, Iceland and Tokyo are this go to vacation place.
  3. Payton leveraged his fame to get various businesses deals and sponsors from the companies such as Hollister Co., BANGS Shoes, and rue21.
  4. His line of merchandise sells hoodies, t-shirts, iPhone cases, accessories, and embroidery, all ranging in price from $10 to $55.
  5. Moormeier has done a tiktok duet with one of the other popular TikTok stars named King Tino.

There are few random facts that Payton fans must know.