Who did David Chalian Marry? Know about His Marital Status

They say, love, wins over anything. Love doesn’t see color, height, age, or gender; it just happens with the flow of time. Today brought you the two people who have fallen head over heels in love with each other and even their gender couldn’t apart them. Wondering who they are? Well, the couple is none other than David Chalian and Justin Tyler Bernstine.

Although David has a very flourishing career, he had to face quite a criticism regarding his personal life. Today we have brought you detailed information about his personal life. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

What is David Chalian’s Sexual Orientation?

David Chalian never had trouble hiding his sexuality as he is publicly gay. Due to his sexual orientation, Chalian had to face a lot of criticism. Not only that but experienced ups and downs in his career. The most notable is when he worked as the chief of the Washington office of Yahoo News. However, those ups and downs never really affected his self-confidence. Rather those difficult times helped him to grow and be a better man.

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Is David Chalian’s Married?

Since he was an open gay, David never felt ashamed of his sexual identity. The vice president of political coverage and also a political director is happily married to his gay husband, Justin Tyler Bernstine. As per some source, Tyler is the assistant dean at American University, Washington.

David Chalian
Image: David Chalian on his wedding day

The pair came across each other in 2013 via social media. The two instantly hit it off and became inseparable ever since then. The couple decided to take their relationship to the next level after four years of dating. They then tied the knot at Parker Palm Springs, Palm Springs, on November 04, 2017.

David Chalian
Image: David Chalian and his husband on a vacation

Even after six years of knowing each other, the couple is living a very blissful life without the involvement of any unnecessary controversies. David is a frequent social media user and often shares his partner’s picture on the social media site. They are the perfect example of the couple as there are no rumors of them splitting and parting their ways away.

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David Chalian’s Past Relationship

It is no secret that David likes to keep his personal life behind the curtains, especially regarding his past relationships. Moreover, Chalian does not talk about his previous relationship in interviews as well because he prefers to live a life away from the spotlight. Chalian is loving his current life and doesn’t like going back to the time and unveiling all the unnecessary details about a past relationship.