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Do you anything about Barry Weiss Marital Status? Yes, we know it is difficult to find as he likes to keep his personal very private. According to him, he has stayed single for the last 28-years. But he is the father of two children, so’ there are clues that he was married at least once.

As of now, what is his relationship status? A recent report by Tmz suggests Weiss met with a bike accident and is in ICU. Is he OK now? If you’re curious to know more then keep reading as we try to answer the above question.

Barry Weiss’s Married Life. Who is his Wife?

The 68-years-old star of Storage Wars married life is quite a mystery. For a long period of time, he stayed single in his relationship. In an interview in 2012 with Hollywoodlife, he said,

“I’ve been single for probably the last 28 years”.

On the other hand, he is the father of two children named Jack Weiss and Julie Weiss. His son and daughter are his family and is survived by them. So’ who is the mother of Jack and Julie? Barry is letting any details slip about his ex-wife or ex-partner.

Barry Weiss (left) with a mysterious woman (right) in the photo taken in the 1980s


In the picture taken in the 1980s, a mysterious woman put an arm around Weiss and both of them looked very cozy with each other. There are details about who the mysterious lady is and what is her relationship with Barry.

But many online tabloids suggest that she is the mother of Jack and Julie. Who knows? as Weiss is silent on this matter. So’ as of now, he is reported to be single and not involved in any romantic affair.

Rumors suggest that Barry Weiss is Gay…

Weiss is gay! That is the rumor floating around on the internet for many time now. Because of him not getting involved in any relationship with women, people assumed he must be gay.

Let us tell you guys, Barry is not Gay and women of all ages want to be with him. In some interviews he said, he has many friends and there are many wedding proposals coming towards him from his loyal fans. He further said,

“I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy”.

Barry Weiss (right) with his lady friend Vera (left)

Not just that, a source close to him said,

“Wherever he goes, women flock to him. When the show is filming, beauties of all ages give their phone numbers to fellow cast member Dave Hester to pass on to Barry”.

After Storage Wars… What is Barry Weiss Doing Now?

Weiss retired from television industry somewhere around 2014 after completing Storage Wars fourth season. In the show, he featured alongside Dan Dotson, Brandi Passante, Laura Dotson, and Dave Hester. After the show, he started getting involved in motorsport.

Recently, Former Storage Wars star and his friend was involved in a bike accident. They collided with a car which was backing out of parking. Because of the accident, Weiss suffered broken bones and internal injuries. Not just that, his friend also suffered from a broken wrist, knee, and elbow.

Barry Weiss’s Friend in the hospital after Bike Accident

But thankfully, Weiss and his friend are in stable condition as reported by TMZ.

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