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Cassandra Marino gained fame with her famous parents Bruce Jenner and Chrystie Crownover. Marino is married now and is the proud mother of three children.

She is happily married to her husband. Being born into a family of celebrities, there is constant limelight on you but Cassandra has perfectly balanced her life despite that. Read along if you are curious to know more about Marino’s Marital Status.

Cassandra Marino is Married. Who is her Husband?

The eldest daughter of Caitlyn Jenner, Marino married Michael Marino. However, the couple has not disclosed their wedding date. The couple might have met each other long time back and dated for quite a few years.

Michael Marino (left) and Cassandra Marino (right) with their children

Coming from the family of celebrities, we can guess, Cassandra wedding was quite lavish and extravagant in nature. Though not many details are known about the wedding, many celebrities might have attended the event.

Michael has a strong bond with his wife and deeply love her too. Marino couple welcomed three children in their life which is the proof of that love.

Cassandra Marino’s Children

The 36-years-old interior designer gave birth to two daughters and one son. Marino welcomed Isabella Marino as her eldest daughter. Similarly, after a couple of years, she gave birth to another daughter named Francesca Marino.

(From right to left) Michael Marino, Francesca Marino, Cassandra Marino, and Isabella Marino

The moment of their children birth was very blissful as the couple took to social media to express their happiness. Likewise, in October 2016, Caitlyn’s daughter gave birth to a son who they named it Luke Marino.

In her social media, Marino wrote,

“He made it! One day before his due date and on Mike’s dad’s birthday. 8lb 13oz 22 inches long. I am elated and exhausted but a super happy non-pregnant mama :). “

Cassandra Marino’s Relationship with her Family

In an interview, the interior designer told that she was never close to her dad Bruce Jenner. But later in 2015, when Bruce came out publicly as a trans woman and changed the name to Caitlyn. After that, Cassandra grew close to her dad.

Talking with Daine Sawyer, Marino said,

“We have a very complex relationship. He disappeared out of our lives, especially out of my life. So I’m looking forward to this next chapter.”

Caitlyn Jenner (left) and Cassandra Marino (right)

She added,

“My relationship with Caitlyn is much better than with Bruce, but we still have a lot of work to do. We didn’t talk for years, and now we see each other every couple of weeks and talk on the phone, which I am grateful for.”

Caitlyn is the step-father to Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian. She is also the parent of Cassandra, Sam Brody Jenner, and Brandon Jenner.

Cassandra Marino’s Marital Status

The interior designer is very happy in her married life considering any news of their split is out. Both of the beautiful couples is not involved in any extra-marital affairs; they share a very strong bond together.

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