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The 22-years-old Social media personality Elsy Guevara received her fame as a YouTuber and Instagram Star. Guevara stays silent on her personal life as not many information about her family is disclosed. What about her relationship?

If you’re also wondering about the same thing, then keep reading as we explore more into her personal life. The Social media star started her YouTube channel together with her best friend and it is doing very well. In some videos, we can see her best friend’s boyfriend too but what about her partner?

Who is Elsy Guevara?

Born on September 21, 1996, Guevara is an American national with undisclosed ethnicity. Currently a social media personality, Guevara keeps tight-lipped when it comes to talking about her personal life.

Elsy Guevara before her 23rd birthday celebration

As of now, Guevara is staying silent on any information regarding her father and mother. Not just that, she is currently 22-years-old so’ she must be attending college but nothing is disclosed regarding her educational background. On February 23, 2018, the twenty-two-year-old uploaded her first video and it went viral.

The Instagram star uploads videos about Make-up just like other YouTubers Kandee Johnson and Alisha Marie to name a few. Besides make-up videos, her “NEVER HAVE I EVER CHALLENGE” played with her BFF Alondra is the most viewed video on the channel.

Elsy Guevara’s Personal Life

Most of the time, Guevara spends making videos and content for Instagram. She is accompanied by her Best friend Alondra Dessy and Tre Carter. The Insta model is followed by 918,000 followers on Instagram where she connects with her fans.

(From right to left) Elsy Guevara, Alondra Dessy, and Tre Carter

In most of her pics, we can see her perfectly fit body and her luxurious lifestyle. Not just that, from her pics, we can also know more about her life. For instance, her relationship, her family, and friends. Furthermore, she is one of the top Instagram fashion influencers.

Her beauty tips travel vlogs, and make-up techniques grab a lot of attention from her followers.

Elsy Guevara’s Relationship Status

Her first video titled “HOME INVASION PRANK ON BF…SHE ALMOST CRIED” was uploaded on March 29, 2018. This suggests that, she was very much involved in a relationship with someone at that point in time.

As of now, the Social media star’s relationship status is single. Guevara hangs out with her best friend and her boyfriend whenever she is free from her usual work. From that video to now, she and her alleged boyfriend might’ve broken up. Going through her Instagram account, we can barely see any pics of a guy that she is cozying up with.

Elsy Guevara with a little kid

Any guys in her Instagram account is either her friends or family member. She is single and not looking for a relationship right now as she is very focused on her career. In some pics and videos, we can see a little kid with her. She is very fond of him it seems and shares a great relationship as well.

As many fans question about her kid and some got confused with that child. But no she is not a mom as of now and that little kid might be her family member.

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