Julius Dein, Who Is his Girlfriend?

Julius Dein is an aspiring Street magician, YouTube content creator, and social media influencer from London, England, widely recognized for his close-up routine magic and pranks. Thus in today’s time, he is one of the most recognized and valued superstars in the field of magic.

Born on May 4, 1994, the hunk is from the well-off English family of Markus Stromberg and Lee Dein in London, the United Kingdom.

Moreover, he has been professionally doing magic in events since 2012 but gained people’s attention after uploading his magic videos on YouTube in 2016.

Current Relationship Status

As per some sources, the dashing illusionist Julius is dating a Swedish superstar and influencer, Estelle Berglin. Likewise, the two began dating in August 2019 and have been together for almost two years since their relationship. However, they met through social media and instantly hit it off.

Both of them are very profound about their relationship. As of 2022, they are still together and have grown their bond even stronger.

Julius Dein with his girlfriend, Estelle Berglin. Source @juliusdein

Infact, the couple even spent quarantine together, which helped them grow their bond better and get to know each other much better. A quick glimpse at their social media shows a happy relationship.

About Julius’s Girlfriend: Estelle Berglin

Well! Estelle is a Swedish superstar and social media influencer who goes by Swealife. Also, she is a health and fitness blogger who posts videos to maintain a healthy life.

In addition to this, Berglin endorses fashion and swimwear brands on her IG account and several major brands on her YouTube channel. On her channel, she makes makeup and skincare routines, beauty vlogs, transformations, fashion hauls, etc.

Swedish superstar, Estelle Berglin . Source Walikali

Besides, the lady is a fitness lover as she does various exercises like yoga, weight training, endurance workouts, cardio training, etc.

Estelle Defends Her Beau Julius Dein In All His Endeavors

The celebrity couple loves and supports each other as the two frequently post on social media. Berglin is very used to the prankster’s antics and regularly pranks him. The pair have often been seen uploading prank videos of each other on their YouTube account.

In 2021, the lovebird enjoyed romantic dates & spent the quarantine together. In February, they were glimpsed on vacation to Mexico. Because of pandemics and quarantines, they got stuck in Mexico for a long time.

Past Affairs

Before being in an intimate relationship with Estele, Mr. Dein was with his ex-girlfriend Madison Willow. In 2017, he came under fire when Willow accused him of taking advantage of her and being verbally offensive towards her in a confession video.

The video his ex-partner uploaded under the title The Truth of Julius Dein went viral in 2017. As per her, his videos and pranks were all staged.

Julius Dein with his ex-girlfriend. Source Biography Mask

Also, the magician posted a three-minute video in which Julius talked about how he first met Madison in 2016 and why they broke up. As per Dean, the separation was Madison moving out due to worsening her grandma’s health.

Nonetheless, the ex-couple are not the only girls the illusionist has dated. Before them, the hunk dated a few divas, including British singer Lauren Jauregi in 2015 and actress Amber Doig-Thorne around early 2016.

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