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The best coach of the year 2014-2015 as voted by NBA, Mike Budenholzer has tasted success in his career many times. Well, the same cannot be said about his married life.

Most fans of this terrific coach who is known for the handling of diverse pro players, want to know more about his wife. If you are also looking for the answer to the same question, then you are in the right place. Although not much is known about his wife, we’ll try to get you some details about Mike’s spouse.

Who is Mike Budenholzer Married to? Know his Wife

Mike Budenholzer married Mary Bet Budenholzer a long time back. The couple was together for a long time however, the date of their wedding is not revealed. Budenholzer and Mary kept their married life a low-key affair.

Mike Budenholzer at the Press Conference

Though Mary supported her hubby in many of his matches, she never disclosed any details about her. In 2013, when Mike and his team Spur’s won, Mary Bet played her part in handling all the media attention. If anything we know about Mary is her birth date. She was born on October 10, 1964, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Mike Budenholzer’s Children. Know about them

The basketball coach who has tasted victories with teams like Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs is accompanied by his children in games most of the times. Together with his wife Mary, Coach Mike welcomed four children.

Mary Bet Budenholzer (second from left) with her four children

The eldest among his children is his son William Vincent, followed by Savoia Elizabeth “Libby”, Hanna Louise, and John Bent “John”. Mike’s kids are his four pillars who love each other very much. Budenholzer is currently the coach of Milwaukee Bucks and took them to the best season recorded in the NBA history.

Mike Budenholzer Divorce with his Wife. What’s the Reason?

The relationship of the power couple in the sports took its turn from sweet to sour pretty recently. Mike Budenholzer divorced from his wife Mary in 2018. But why? What’s the reason?

Well, fellas, to be honest, we have zero ideas about the reason for the pair split. As private as Mike and Mary were about their married life, they are still holding the secrets of their divorce. But as it stands, the duo walked away from each other.

Any news about their settlement and children custody are not disclosed.

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What after the Divorce for Mike Budenholzer?

Mary Budenholzer is avoiding any sort of media attention that might put her on spot. So, sorry guys, nothing new is discovered in terms of Mary Bet life after the split.

On the other hand, Mike Budenholzer found love again quickly after the separation. In a recent radio interview, Mike took his time to thank his girlfriend. The coach of the year went to the radio interview which was hosted by Bill Michaels and talked about his professional and personal life.

During the conversation, Mike showed his appreciation and love for the Bucks Organization for supporting him. Not just that, Mike also thanked his daughter Libby and his girlfriend, Melissa Ramsay for being there with him.


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