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Many fans of Nayyera Haq who is the policy commentator and radio host were left to figure about her married life. Haq has an incredible CV and can be taken as the prime example of women empowerment.

So, who is the lucky guy marrying Nayyera Haq? How is her Married life Going? Or these are just rumors and Nayyera is still single. Well, fellas, you came to the right place as we are going to unfold the personal life of this incredible women.

Is Nayyera Haq Married? Who is her Husband?

If you guys are already dreaming the perfect life with Haq, then we’re sorry to break this news to you’ll. Nayyera Haq is a married woman. Congratulation to the former White House senior director on tying the knot with the man she loves.

Nayyera Haq (left) with her husband (right) at Maryland Renaissance Festival

Who is her Husband? Nayyera has managed to keep the identity of her spouse a secret as of now. There are many pictures of him and Haq on the internet but the guys’ name is undisclosed. What we know about her better half is that he is an African-American in ethnicity and works as a veterinarian.

Does Nayyera Haq have a Child?

For a long time, People speculated about Nayyera’s child. The news about her pregnancy and giving birth to a kid became strong after a published article. Nayyera herself wrote the article which is titled as “Birthing My Half-Black, Half-Pakistani, Full-Muslim Son in the Era of Trump.

This article states and talks about the newborn baby of Nayyera and her spouse living in the era of US President Donald Trump. According to theroot.com, Nayyera described the birthing of her child. She wrote,

“I went into labor 30 minutes after Donald Trump‘s election night speech. I have the worries that any new mother would have about raising a child in the era of Trump, where ugliness is out in the open and civility no longer exists.”

(From left to right) Nayyera’s husband, Nayyera Haq, and her son Idris enjoying their holiday

Nayyera Haq further added,

“On election night, as Trump droned on, I talked about the implications of his presidency between contractions. White nationalists would have a public voice again. I was already getting hate mail before Trump won; would continue to speak out also expose my family to the crazies?

There is more to this of course and the article garnered so much attention from the public. Finally, after thirty-six hours of labor and one cesarean section, Nayyera Haq together with her hubby gave birth to the beautiful child. A son who is named Idris is a blessing to their family as he is bringing happiness to the couples life.

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Any Rumors and Controversies. How is her Married Life going?

Nayyera stays in a perfectly happy life with her husband and a son. There are no known rumors or controversies regarding Nayyera’s married life. Besides that, Haq also stays away from any scandals in her professional life.



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