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The name Stormi will probably remain in our minds for a very long time. From the adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, who is infamous for the Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels scandal to Kylie Jenner and the daughter of Travis Scott, Stormi Webster. The popular American actress, Stormi Maya, is yet another Stormi to watch out for.

With 423 thousand followers alone on her Instagram page, Maya has gathered huge fan followers. Who is the love interest of such a huge star? Is she already married? These are the few questions about the actress that people search on a daily basis. If you want to know more about Maya and her personal life, we suggest you read the entire article.

Who Stormi Maya’s Husband?

Just like any other star from entertainemnt industry, Stormi Maya also has a quite complicated personal life. Stormi is undoubtedly a very beautiful woman, and many people for sure has an eye over her. She has settled with the actor, Andrew Alvarado, whom she married on October 28, 2016.

However, it seems they’re not together anymore. As both of them deleted pictures of each other from their respective Instagram account. Even while they were a couple, both kept their personal life at bay and loved to talk real minimal about each other. So, the details about their split were also kept low-key. As of 2019, both of them have moved on in their life with a different partner.

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Who is Stormi Maya’s Current Love Interest?

Stormi’s love life doesn’t stop just their as she has another man in her life. Perhaps she has posted a picture of a guy who goes by the name Donald Robinson Cole aka Megadon. She has posted a picture with her boyfriend full of PDA. Her current boyfriend is a Multimedia Specialist and is also involved in the entertainment field, just Maya. The couple seems to have a mutual understanding as both of them are living a very low-key life.

Stormi Maya
Image: Stormi Maya with her current partner Megadon via Instagram

There are very less, information available on the internet about Maya’s boyfriend. Hopefully, she gives enough details about her love life in the coming days as her fans are desperately waiting for her to reveal her wedding plans.

Stormi Maya
Image: Stormi Maya with her boyfriend

Other than Andrew, there are not single details about Stormi and her past relationship. The 24 years old, Maya is very straight head about her choice of person so, she hasn’t dated many guys till date.


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