Quick Facts of Candy Godiva

  • Full NameCandy Godiva
  • Net Worth$1 million
  • Date of Birth18 September, 1972
  • Marital Status Single
  • Birthplace in Oak Ridge, TN, the United States
  • Ethnicity North American
  • Religion Christianity
  • ProfessionYouTuber
  • Nationality American
  • Active Year2010-present
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Dark Brown
  • Height5 feet 1 inches
  • Weight180kg
  • EducationWell-educated
  • Online PresenceInstagram
  • Children1Son and 1 Daughter
  • Horoscope Virgo
Candy Godiva Bio, Relationship, Boyfriend, Death, Rumors, and Net Worth

YouTube is one of the most effective social media platforms for individuals who want to showcase their talent to the world and also helps to gain instant popularity. Likewise, Candy Godiva is one of those who became overnight popular with her food-eating videos.

Moreover, Mukbang YouTuber is better known for feasting on everything from fast food to takeout on her popular channel Hungry Fat Chick, which has accrued thousands of subscribers since her internet debut.

Also, Candy is famous for her posts on how-to sections, including how to eat healthily and how to maintain a good body shape. Further, she is also known for having issues with her body, especially weight loss.

These tabloids will provide more details on what Candy Godiva is up to in 2023 and her net worth, salary, husband, and more.

Candy Godiva Wiki/Bio and Early Life 

The rising YouTuber Candy Godiva was born on September 18, 1972, in Oak Ridge, TN, the United States, with the birth sign Virgo. Similarly, the lady holds an American nationality and belongs to the North American ethnic group.

Moreover, Candy lived most of her early life in South Louisiana, where her grandparents raised her. Nevertheless, there is no relevant info about her parents and siblings from any online sources; however, she claimed that her grandparents were alcoholics and her parents were addicted.

Candy Godiva’s earlier pic. Source Hennepin Elementary school

 Also, we do not know her academic life. Despite portraying some skills found in Nutritionists, Candy may have gone up to the college level, and her fluency in English proves that she is educated.

The sweet lady was one out of eight abortions; her mother knew she was pregnant with her only after five months. Also, Godiva opened up that her mother was jealous of her and their relationship was somehow toxic and neglected.

The star wanted to get famous from an early age, so she decided to gain much popularity on the internet. Continue reading the entire article and know how she rises to stardom.

Candy Godiva is A Popular YouTuber

Not to mention, Candy is a professional YouTuber who began her career with a storm. Many upcoming Youtubers create a channel with an aim for fame, but in the end, they end up closing their tracks due to a lack of a fan base.

Candy’s Mukbang eating show. Source @candygodiva_4real

Godiva wanted to take the internet by storm at a very young age, and the lady opened her first YouTube channel, Hungry Fat Chick. Her debut video was Hungry Fatchick Visits a Sonic Drive-In in December of 2010. Her first video took YouTube by storm.

On that video, she garnered 191 173 views, and since then, her YouTube career has been very successful.

As of now, her channel has around 271 thousand subscribers and over 50 million views. Some of her most popular videos are Jollibee Mukbang Eating Show, Massive Italian Feast Mukbang, Italian Feast Mukbang with Candy (Eating Show), and many others.

Let’s Talk About Her Rumors

Currently, 51 years old, Godiva is possibly single at the moment; she is pretty confidential about her intimate life and hardly shares any glimpse.

Previously, it was rumored that Candy was linked up with her fellow Mukbang star, Nikocado Avocado, but it was all fake news since she said they are only close friends.

Massive Food Factory Feast with Hungry Fat Chick and her friend, Nikocado. Source Instagram

Further, Nikocado has been featured in her posts several times; hence, people thought the two had been dating. Also, Avocado is a social media influencer known for his YouTube posts on matters regarding health.

Besides, they aren’t linked with any other personalities. Apart, she isn’t involved in any controversies and rumors regarding his personal life and career.

Additionally, the star is active on social media has many fans following her social accounts, and loves to share her photos while eating junk food. Now, she resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is It True That Candy Has Two Children? Her Relationship Status?

In one of the videos on her YouTube channel, Godiva mentioned that she is a mother of two kids; a son and a daughter. However, the lady does not live with her kids.

Candy is on the way to meet her kids at Las Vegas, Nevada, Casino Royale La Pacanele. Source Instagram

The media personality, Candy also mentioned that she only sees her children on social media accounts in the video. But, she also did not reveal the name and details of her partner and the biological father of her kids to date. Also see the relationship status of another YouTuber, Sawyer Sharbino.

Inside Candy Godiva’s Weight Loss and Health Issues

The internet sensation Candy is addicted to feasting on fast food all the time; she has tasted all types of junk food available worldwide.

Likewise, she is ultimately fat but has had no disease until now. Further, the star doesn’t fit in clothes, so she wears a nightdress and sometimes is naked.

Furthermore, the star has had ups and downs regarding weight loss. Once, the influencer weighed 204 kg when she began her career, but now, she weighs 180 kg, which is quite an improvement.

On her YouTube channel, the gorgeous lady stated that her channel is neither an eating channel nor a weight loss journey; once, she confessed that her weight was one of the reasons for her depression.

The lady urges most people to visit professional nutritionists and also take the step of doing some exercise. Nonetheless, we do not know if there is clear information about her skills regarding nutrition matters.

Candy’s weight loss. Source Instagram

Candy Godiva Dead or Alive Now?

Also, the prominent internet influencer, Candy was once rumored to be dead, but later, all that death news turned out to be a hoax.

Despite this, we know that she is also more of a counselor since her videos address issues regarding depression due to weight, which has caused several deaths. 

How Much is Candy Godiva’s Net Worth and Salary?

There is no further data about Candy doing another career venture. Her career life apart from Social media is hidden from the cameras; she has made a significant income from YouTube since she began her career.

Candy made such an enormous amount of money from her YouTube channel, Hungry Fat Chick. Source YouTube

Reportedly, she holds an estimated net worth of $1 Million as of 2023. As per SocialBlade.com, her YouTube channel makes an impressive salary of $187 to $3K monthly and $2.2K to $36K annually. So far, we assume that her salary is probably in between the digits.

Also, she might earn a decent fortune via her other works, including blogging and posting videos. Hence, Candy lives a very lavish life in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. No doubt, the YouTuber has enough money to cherish a high-profile lifestyle.

While her social media career has huge potential these days, she has emerged as a well-known YouTuber paving her a good path to long-lasting earnings. She might work on TV projects and other ventures in the upcoming days. Check out, actress cum model, Melissa Baker

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