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ChrisFix was an American Youtuber born on July 4, 1996, and currently resides in Tennent, New Jersey. His YouTube channel is the largest car DIY channel on the planet.

He created his YouTube channel about how to fix cars, which they could use to save money or perhaps start as a hobby.

Every ten days, ChrisFix posts his step-by-step videos. His main objective is to answer how-to queries. His YouTube account has 8.8 million subscribers.

ChrisFix got both a Silver and a Gold Creator Award for his YouTube channel.

Has ChrisFix Revealed His Face?

No, not at this time. ChrisFix has yet to reveal his true identity or natural face. In an interview, though, he appeared but sat with his head down for 10 minutes.

In his videos, he does not display his face. He has been active on YouTube since 2018 and has been praised for his DIY vehicle repair videos.

ChrisFix wearing helmet
ChrisFix (Image source: Instagram @chrisfixit)

On YouTube, he has a sizable following of 8.34 million subscribers.

When he was asked to reveal his face, one of his admirers said that the video content was probably more significant than his face, and he had responded accurately, which is true.

On the other hand, his supporters are keen to know him better.

Career of ChrisFix

While at Rutgers University, ChrisFix decided to start a YouTube channel to share his passion for oceanography and technology with the rest of the globe.

He began by uploading fishing films with his pals but soon moved on to auto maintenance videos as a fun way to assist others.

He chose the moniker ChrisFix, a play on his boyhood nickname for his channel. In 2015, the track began to attract many viewers who wanted to learn how to work on their automobiles and pick up new skills.

ChrisFix had already chosen to make YouTube his full-time job at this point.

ChrisFix in Santa Claus Outfit in Christmas
ChrisFix in Christmas (Image source: Instagram @chrisfixit)

Since deciding to work on YouTube full-time, he has routinely uploaded videos to his YouTube channel and posted them on other social media platforms.

ChrisFix’s Networth And Why Doesn’t He Show His Face?

It seems ChrisFix needs his privacy on track than revealing it to others. Chris fix has never shown his face, even in his DIY videos. He wants his content to be more admired than his face.

Not only his face but also his identity has been private. ChrisFix, the YouTuber, has been hiding his face for over 14years.

ChrisFix inside his car
ChrisFix inside his car (Image source: Instagram @chrisfixit)

Youtube has brought in a sizable sum of money for the specialized DIY vehicle repair YouTuber. ChrisFix’s net worth is believed to be between $5 million.

His creative stuff on his official Youtube account is his primary source of income.

The critical fact is that the guy who never reveals his face has more views and subscribers than all of the automotive Yotubers together, demonstrating that the content, not the beginning, is what matters.

He has earned more popularism than Scotty Kilmer and EricTheCarGuy.

He has been routinely generating and posting films for which he has been paid since 2018.

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