Darren Simpson & Wife Samantha Teixeira Married Life

There are approximately 35 million South Africans who tune in daily to the radio on a daily basis. Every radio host has to do something unique to stand out with hundreds of business and community stations fighting for their attention. Darren Simpson is a radio host popular for his pranking antics, which certainly captures lots of audience’s attention.

He’s a funny, nice man and that’s why some of his fans ask, “who’s the wife of Darren Simpson” If you are one of them and want to know more about his wife we suggest you read the whole article. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get into the article.

Who is Darren Simpson’s Wife?

Darren Simpson is married to his love the life Samantha Teixeira. Samantha and Darren first met in a smoky Ballito nightclub just after midnight.

 “By this time, none of us was intent on getting into a relationship but once my eyes landed on her, I could not resist her charm offensive, and I wanted to see her again and again”. Said, Darren Simpson.

Darren had no doubt after chatting throughout the night that he thought Samantha charming. After spending some time together, Darren proposed Samantha in a very classic way in February 2010.

Darren Simpson
Image: Darren Simpson in his studio

Samantha and Darren chose to tie the knot at the seaside because that’s where their love story started slightly back in December 2007. Darren and Samantha Simpson now have two kids, Nate and Cruz. It is very essential for both Samantha Teixeira and Darren to have quality family time. The pair loves to spend their time cooking at home, playing with their children, and doing a lot of other stuff together. This, of course, has helped them to bond and maintain their romantic spark alive.

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Darren Simpson & his Wife Samantha’s Interesting facts

Darren Whackhead Simpson is commonly famous as a radio veteran with a two-decade career. However, the wife is living a very low-key life with her two kids. He hosted the M-Net’s Laugh out loud, a hidden camera show, and provided charities with all his income from selling his prank compilation CDs.

Darren Simpson
Image: Darren Simpson with his wife in 10 years challenge

The couple might have immense love and understand between each other, but they are quite opposite when it comes to keeping their personal life to themselves. Since Darren is a popular media figure, his own life is like an open book whereas, Samantha’s is not.

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Darren Simpson’s Past Relationship

Despite all the details available about Darren on the internet, there is no information about his past relationship. Simpson might not have any girl before Samantha Teixeira or might have dated quite a few. We cannot really talk about them about their previous relationship yet as they haven’t given any kind of statement about it yet. To know more Darren from closer proximity go through his Instagram page.