Drake’s Mother Sandi Graham, Her Husband & Married Life

You’re missing out for those who still don’t know who the mother of Toronto based famous rapper Drake. And if you are someone who wants to know all the details about his mother Sandi Graham, then we must say this article belongs to you.

The article includes everything about her personal life that you have missed out while searching about Drake. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

Know more about Drake’s Mother, Sandi Graham

By now you guys might already know that Drake is a Canadian born rapper. The star is one of the most talked and famous rappers of our time. Talking about his number one fan, his mother Sandi Graham has been there for her son since his days in “Degrassi.” She praises as much as she can about him. But who, if they were in her shoes, wouldn’t brag right?

Drake's Mother Sandi Graham
Image: Drake during his childhood with his mother, Sandi Graham

Sandi belongs to a Jewish family. Did you guys know that Sandi is a huge fashion lover? Mama Drake has an amazing fashion sense, and she is a huge fashionista. She is rocking all pink — even millennial pink — which is now completely in fashion. Now we know from where Drake gets fashion inspiration from.

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Similarly, Sandi was a teacher before being the mother of a famous rapper. Yes, guys its quite surprising for someone who never finished his schooling level his mother turns out to be a teacher. Drake once told Inside Toronto that for most of his life, his mom was a professor.

Drake's Mother Sandi Graham
Image: Drake with his mother, Sandi Graham during an event

Drake never completed college, and he says it must be one of his greatest regrets, particularly as his mom has always spoken about the significance of education. However, his lack of education has never been the hurdled for him to be one of the kindest human being and talented rapper on the earth.

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Sandi Graham’s Married Life

Sandi Graham married a renowned musician, Dennis Graham. Dennis had moved to Canada to pursue his career in music where he met Sandi and fell in love with intanly. After spending some years together, the couple decided to split when Drake was only five years old. Graham raised Drake on her own and moved to Canada to begin a new life. Despite he grew up with his mother, Drake stayed in touch with his dad, who resided in Memphis.

Sandi Graham married a renowned musician, Dennis Graham
Image: Sandi Graham husband Dennis Graham and their son Drake

Drake’s father Dennis was on drugs. In America, his drug addiction continued, and he ended up in prison where he stayed for several years. As for now, Dennis Graham is sober and free from drugs. To know more about Drake and his mother follow Drake’s Instagram.