John Cena's ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau

Not every celebrity couple are a power couple. And let’s be real, some pair do not have nearly as much power together as they like to think before they do. Today we are going to talk about the celebrity pair who once existed, and people rarely remember them.

Well, the celebrity couple is none other than a famous American professional wrestler John Cena and his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. Without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the article.

Elizabeth Huberdeau & John Cena Wedding & Failed Marriage

Many of you might be aware of the fact that John and Elizabeth are a high school sweetheart. Cena rarely talks about his personal life to the media, which makes it difficult to dig deeper into his own life. However, as per the source, Cena said he was going to get married during the promotion of his movie 12 Rounds.

Elizabeth Huberdeau and her former spouse John Cena photo
Elizabeth Huberdeau and her former spouse John Cena

The couple remained a married couple for just three years. Although the details about the fall out of their marriage is still a mystery to many of their fans, various speculations and rumors are circulating. As per some of the source, Elizabeth accused John as an unfaithful during their marriage tenure.

Check out How Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Divorced with John Cena

The following rumor turned out to be false, and they resolved their differences without the involvement of the third party. Nothing could stop the divorce, and they finally split in 2012.

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Where Is Elizabeth Huberdeau Now?

As for now, Elizabeth is working as a real estate businesswoman. Elizabeth, as a real estate agent, buys and builds real estate, as well as commercial properties. She sells them at a sufficient amount. At some moment, Huberdeau started modeling as a profession, but she is not very familiar to what extent she went for her career.

Elizabeth Huberdeau enjoying a party
Elizabeth Huberdeau enjoying a party

As a successful immobilizer, Elizabeth makes enough cash to offer not only a comfortable but pleasant livelihood. Huberdeau hasn’t disclosed her net worth in the media. Moreover, Huberdeau hasn’t revealed how much money or property she got during the divorce settlement. Since her former spouse, John Cena has a net worth of $55 million. He might have given her a pretty high amount as alimony.

As for now, Elizabeth is living a single life whereas John Cena moved on with a woman named Nikki Bella. The most exciting thing is both John Cena and Nikki Bella were married once before, specifically to their high-school sweetheart, and in both cases, the marriage lasted three years only. Elizabeth is also not available on any social media site where we can keep up with the current happening of her life.