Fox News Morgan Ortagus is enjoying her astounding net worth from her long successful career. Besides Fox News, Morgan is also the spokesperson for the US State Department.

The super talented Ortagus is very beautiful as she was once crowned Miss Florida Citrus in 2002. Morgan lives happily with her husband Jonathan Weinberger in Washington, USA. If you’ve wondered about the lifestyle and earnings of Spokesperson of the US Department of State, then allow us to quench that thirst. So, Read along.

Morgan Ortagus Net Worth. What is her Income Sources?

As per many online sources, the net worth of Morgan Ortagus is at $3 Million as of 2019. Ortagus earned her wealth from her successful career in the higher position of the US government. Besides that, she also served as the contributor for Fox News.

Morgan Ortagus in the press brief as Spokesperson for the US Department of State.                                                                                        Source: Instagram

As a spokesperson of the US Department of State, Morgan makes a fee of $55,000 to $68,000 on average. Her list of work experience is just amazing as she has worked in so many departments in her career. Morgan range of works includes from USAID, US Treasury Department, Fox News, and Standard Chartered Bank.

From her work in USAID as public affairs in George W. Bush-era, Ortagus earned $95,000 annually on average. Furthermore, Ortagus worked as an intelligence analyst at the US Treasury Department. Her income there ranges from $53,302 to $138,594 per year on average.

Not just that, Morgan also contributed outside the government. She worked at Fox News as a contributor and strategist for the republican. Morgan received an income of around $52,000 from her time there. Furthermore, Ortagus also served as Relationship Manager at Standard Chartered Bank and earned a salary of $53,000 on average.

Morgan Ortagus at the Fox News as the national security contributor. Source: Twitter

Ortagus married her husband Jonathan Weinberger who also contributes to increasing the couple asset and their wealth.

Morgan Ortagus’ Dog

Morgan Ortagus is an animal lover and has two pet dogs, Napoleon and Ozzie. Recently, she posted a picture of dogs on her Instagram on 4th March 2019. Furthermore, she is fond of playing with her dogs in her spare time.

Ortagus’ dogs are Bichon Frise and Maltipoo breeds. As of now the price of her dogs range from around $400 to as much as $2,000. Expect to pay around $700$800 for this dog from a good breeder.

Want to Know About Morgan Ortagus’s Career?

The graduate of Johns Hopkins University started her career in 2006. She started out as a press secretary for K.T. McFarland‘s Senate Campaign. Likewise, Morgan also volunteered for Jeb Bush‘s Presidential campaign in 2016.

Using her experience, Ortagus took the job at USAID from 2007 to 2008 as Public Affairs Officer. Ortagus was stationed at Baghdad, Iraq under George W. Bush Administration. After getting the experience in government work, Morgan served at the US Department of Treasury.

As an intelligence analyst for USAID in Iraq; Morgan Ortagus

Morgan worked as Intelligence Analyst and served in North Africa and the Middle East region. She worked there for two years under the Barack Obama administration and her duty was to counter illicit financial flows. Doing an impressive job in the middle east, Morgan voted for the new challenge and took a job at Fox News.

There she worked alongside other reporters like Kimberly Guilfoyle, Katherine Timpf, Heather Nauert, Megan Kelly, and many more. During her station at Fox News, Morgan served as a national security contributor and Republican Strategist. Ortagus heavily criticized US President Donald Trump in many situations.

Currently, Morgan is the reserve Navy Officer serving from 2014-present. Besides that, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Ortagus as new Spokesperson for the department. Morgan previously criticized the president and now she is serving under his administration.

It looks like she is dealing with it pretty well.

Morgan Ortagus’s House, Cars, and Lifestyle

The 37-years-old spokesperson lives with her husband in a house in Washington, USA. She is living a luxurious lifestyle with her net worth. Ortagus is working most of the time but when she is not working, she hangs out with her friends.

Morgan Ortagus (right) with her husband Jonathan Weinberger at Montage Mountains

Ortagus travels to many parts of the world because of her work. She is followed by 29.6 K followers on Instagram and by 360K followers on Twitter. From most of her tweets, Morgan announces her followers about the latest development made by Trump Administration.

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