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The star of the reality TV shows Alaskan Bush People, Amora Jean Snowbird Brown A.K.A Bird Brown is unmarried. But does she have a boyfriend?

Well, that is the question many of her fans want the answer to. There are also rumors surrounding her pregnancy and her secret husband. But don’t worry guys, we got you covered on this one. Here, we will explore about Snowbird Brown’s personal life and try to answer all the questions.

Who is Snowbird Brown? How old is she?

Snowbird Brown is an American celebrity who rose to fame with her family show called Alaskan Bush People. Born on November 18, 1994, her age is 25 as of 2020. Likewise, she works alongside her siblings Joshua Brown, Solomon Brown, Gabriel Brown, Rain Brown, and Noah Brown in the show.

Image: Snowbird Brown (third from right) with all of her family members Source: Instagram(@alaskanbushppl)

The show is about surviving in the unorthodox lifestyle of Alaskan Wilderness. Among her other family members, Snowbird Brown is quite popular due to many reasons. Such as her teeth, her secret boyfriend, or recently her pregnancy news.

Is Snowbird Brown Married? Find details about her husband

Well, the 24-year-old is unmarried and is enjoying her bachelor’s life to the fullest. So, the possibility of her husband is very low. But is she dating? Snowbird lives in Alaska far from the perfect condition of the city life.

Due to this, Snowbird Brown or any member of her family has very less interaction with the outside world. This makes it very difficult for Snowbird to have a boyfriend. As she is the only daughter of her parents, her courage and appearance on the show are followed by many young people. The lookup to her as an inspiration.

Image: Gabe and Raquell Brown marries tonight at 8p on Discovery and Discovery GO Source: Instagram(@alaskanbushppl)

With gaining more popularity day by day from the show, Snowbird Brown might get some proposals from the guys wanting to be her partner. As per reports, Snowbird Brown has a secret boyfriend about which she has not spoken about. But none of these media outlets have the evidence to prove anything related to her love life.

Snowbird Brown is Pregnant… Is it true?

The 24-year-old reality star has very little chance of getting pregnant, referring to her dating life. Some time ago, Snowbird Brown gained weight which is noticed by her fans. Due to which the fans speculated that Brown is pregnant.

Picture: Snowbird Brown in Alaska Source: Instagram(@alaskanbushppl)

But Snowbird Brown is not pregnant and looking at her dating history which is none, the chance of her getting pregnant is very less.

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Her Personal Life, Hobbies, and Passion

Apart from appearing on the TV show with her family, Brown has her own life and hobbies too. Snowbird is an outgoing person and was raised alongside the adventure of Alaska.

Brown involves herself in activities like baiting, fishing, tracking, and hunting for deer. She is very fond of animals and raises animals like red-eared slider turtles, cats, dogs, squirrels, and frogs.

Any Rumors and Controversies

Snowbird is not part of any rumors or controversies but her family members are. In 2016, her father Billy Brown and brother Bam Bam spent 30 days in prison for stealing thousands of dollars from the state of Alaska.

The court found them guilty of lying and charged for stealing $27,000 from the government. They were asked to pay a fine of $22,000.


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