Is Patrick Starr Married to Manny MUA?

Make-up doesn’t have any gender. However, few people believe makeup is usually girls thing but breaking all the stereotype, Patrick Starr turned out to be one of the most successful makeup gurus who is a guy. Along with Starr, there are hundreds of Youtube star-like Jeffree Star, James Charles, Bretman Rock, and Edward Avila, who is famous due to their exceptional hard work.

However, today, we are just going to talk about Patrick Starr and especially about his persoanl life. If you want to know more about his dating life, married life and children we suggest you read the entire article. So, scroll down below.

Who is Patrick Starr & Manny MUA Echnaged Wedding Vows?

Patrick left his Instagram family with utter shock and happy tears on November 15, 2016, when he shared a wedding picture with his fellow Beauty YouTuber, Manny Gutierrez. Gutierrez’s youtube name is Manny MUA.

Patrick Starr
Image: Patrick Starr with his fellow YouTuber Manny MUA on a wedding collection promo

From Starr’s YouTube video, however, he later revealed that the picture was just an introduction to his new bridal make-up tutorial. Following the news, most of their fan felt heartbroken and simultaneously fooled. We feel why Patrick and Manny’s fans felt betrayed and fooled as the picture really looks like they actually exchange their wedding vowed when it was just a promotion stunt.

Who is Patrick Starr’s Actual partner?

Now speaking about his love life, no news available at the moment about his persoanl life. Even after his huge popularity and success, Starr doesn’t feel like stepping up and show up his partner. He’s miles away from the limelight about a boyfriend and dating affair. The star of Youtube is probably single and focusing on his career rather than starting up his family.

Patrick Star
Image: Patrick Starr’s enjoying his vacation on a beach

Patrick is in love with the name and fame that he has received from his hardwork and doesn’t yet want to get involved with anyone. Starr is also a huge believer of the right time. He feels like in a right time everything fall into place. Starr often confuses his fans with the pictures with mysterious guys and hands-on tummy like a baby bump but eventually makes everyone clear that nothing is going on between the two.

Patrick Starr’s Past Relationship

Besides makeup, Starr has rarely made any comment about his personal life. So, the details about his past relationship are still under the shade. Rather, Patrick is a first Filipino transgender makeup artist. Starr has surely outshined his career and is entirely down to earth.

On August 3, 2017, he publicly acknowledged his sexuality on a Twitter post. His acceptance of his sexual orientation motivated many individuals to come out of the closet.