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As per some of the report, 41% millennials would end a relationship for a promotion. However, only a few people can take their personal life and professional life side by side. Today we have brought you the details about Sarah Vivan, who is a popular American radio personality. She also has a roller coaster ride relationship status.

She is famous in Georgia for her work with various radio outfits. Want to know about her personal life? If yes, we suggest you read the article down below as it includes everything about her personal life. So, stay tuned to us until the end.

Is Sarah Vivan Married? Know about her Husband

There are no details whether Vivan is married yet or not as she loves keeping her personal life out of the media’s reach. Even her Instagram profile is full of her children’s picture and herself partying with friends. Looking at her post, we assume she might be single and his living the best days of her life with her friends and family.

Know about Sarah Vivan’s Children

Sarah Vivan positions her life as a family person above everything else, and we cannot argue anymore on the fact. She is a mother of two children, a boy, and a girl. Her first baby, Essence Vivan, in 2005. The details about Essence father is not available on the internet. Sarah likes to keep her persoanl life at bay, so till date, she hasn’t disclosed the name of her former boyfriend.

Sarah Vivan
Image: Sarah Vivan and her family along with Lil Wayne

After the birth of her first child, Vivan who still lived in Cincinnati later met a rapper, Lil Wayne in a nightclub. The two became friends and started dating each other. Her former boyfriend Lil Wayne also has worked with Karen Civil, Jessica Kylie, Kesha Ward, and Metro Boomin.

Sarah Vivan
Image: Sarah Vivan with her kid (daughter) via Instagram

In 2008, Sarah gave birth to her baby number two Dwayne Michael Carter III, who is also Lil Wayne’s second kid. The child is known as Lil Tuney, together with other family members.

Sarah Vivan
Image: Sarah Vivan’s children with Drake

Despite the involvement of Wayne and Sarah in 2007, they later parted their ways from each other. Nevertheless, they are raising their children together and still are good friends of each other. On her social media platforms, Vivan always shares her image with her children. Images of her children on social media show her loves to her children and how happy she is to be the mother of her two adorable kids.

Sarah Vivan’s Past Relationship

Sarah has never been vocal about her personal life with her fans and followers. She has always loved the idea of keeping her persoanl life at bay. So, other than Lil Wayne, there are no details about Vivan’s past relationship. Even now, no one knows who she is dating. It seems Sarah’s fans should wait quite a while to know more about her personal life.


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