As we already know, YouTube is such a platform to know everything about anything. In the same way, in this modern age, people are being upgraded as per the reports or information given by these social sites.

Well, today, in this capsule, we will be going to talk about such personalities who are among the YouTube stars. She is none other than a YouTube celebrity Tingting ASMR best known for her Tingting ASMR stream and her ASMR relaxing videos.

Also, she is a Twitch streamer with the handle tingting57. Further, the lady and Latte ASMR are both recognized YouTube stars for their ASMR videos. In April 2017, Tingting debuted her YouTube channel and later received vast popularity.

Stay connected to us and gather more detailed information about her personal as well as professional life in the article below:

Who Is Tingting ASMR? Her Bio and Wiki.

The internet influencer, ASMR, was born on December 1, 1991, in Shangai, China, under the Sagittarius birth sign but currently resides in Los Angeles. Though the lady was born in China, her ethnicity and nationality are quite unknown.

The recent stunning pic of popular Twitch Streamer, Tingting ASMR, on January 31. Image Credit: @tingting57live

As her real name is still a mystery to the internet, her details and other information regarding her family, siblings, educational qualifications are also not known through any sources of information to date.

Nonetheless, many users have consistently attempted to clone her YouTube content. Even the largest Chinese streaming platforms like Youku and Bilibil.

Besides, at one point, the Chinese government had agreed to ban ASMR videos by calling them immoral and licentious.

Career Details

Since 2017 August, the gorgeous lady began her career and stood for Autonomous Sensory Merdian Response. At the same time, the lady made her YouTube channel and surprisingly gained instant success but had to struggle because YouTube is banned in China.

Due to this, she had to work underground as well. 

Many individuals even tried to copy her videos to the biggest Chinese streaming sites like Youku and Bilibili. At one point, the Chinese government prohibits ASMR videos considering them vulgar and sensual.

Tingting receives a gift from YouTube to amass 1Million views. Image Credit: Instagram

Despite this, she has so many followers on her YouTube Channel, more than 2.12M subscribers. In contrast, her videos focus on whispering and tapping in both English and Chinese.

Also, the star owns another YouTube Channel named Ting Tingles ASMR(248Ksubscribers); however, it never talks about ASMR on the channel. 

Apart, Tingting sometimes does live video game streaming on Twitch playing League of Legends or Battlegrounds FPP game. 

Gadgets Tinting ASMR uses.

Being one of the ASMR artists with a reasonable amount of gear she uses daily, ASMR initially went on with the Blue Yeti microphone and later moved to 3Dio FS.

Recently we saw her set up 2x Rode NT1 A mics connected to an unknown recording interface, probably ZOOM H4n or Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface.

One of the Tingting ASMR’s Gaming Devices. Image Credit: Instagram

Moreover, her videos are recorded with a Sony A7RII mirrorless camera and a Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens. Also, she uses an Excelone lighting kit from Amazon.

But we didn’t know about the computer specs and video editing software the influencer used.

With Whom Is Tingting ASMR Dating?

Like many other celebrities and famous personalities, the 31 years old social media personality ASMR has consistently maintained a low-key profile of her personal information and relationships. Resulting, she seems to have a single life. 

Even as per her own YouTube channel, Tingting has declared that she has no boyfriend; we can assume that the Youtube star is perhaps having a good time alone.

Tingting ASMR is leading a single happy life. Image Credit: Instagram

 It appears like the stunning lady wants to make good content for her audiences. Maybe that’s why ASMR has no boyfriend or partner to date.

Or Maybe she is dating someone secretly but not interested in sharing her personal life with the public or with the media yet.

So far, there are no clues or hints that she linked with any guy in the past or unit now. Just scroll down to learn more about her social media accounts.


YouTuber with an undisclosed real name is the main core of explanation for Tingting; she has not disclosed her name yet, not even a single word about her private life.

And her mystery has caused birth to many inconsistent theories about her. Also, there are too many stories about her true identity. Despite this, her true name and details have not been revealed yet. 

How Much does Tingting Earn?

The mysterious Youtuber star, Tingting, perhaps has passive income from her social media career; the girl makes product promotional campaigns on her Instagram handle. 

So with no surprise, she must be making thousands of dollars by promoting brands.

The beautiful YouTuber promotes Tingting merchandise via her social media handles. Image Credit: Instagram

Unfortunately, there is no clear declaration of her earnings in any of her YouTube posts. However, her total net value is believed to be around $1M as of now.

As per, the monthly revenue is predicted to be between$1.9K – $29.7K and $22.3K – $357K yearly from her YouTube channel Tingting ASMR. Similarly, $43 – $684 a month and $513 – $8.2K a year from another account Ting Tingles ASMR.

On the other side, ASMR artists also generate a decent fortune from their other channels; it was considered that she hets around $6500 per month from YouTube and roughly $500 monthly from Patreon plus an unknown amount from video sponsorships.

Famous YouTube star Tingting ASMR And Her Golden And Silver Youtube Play Button From Both Channels. Image Credit: Instagram

Undoubtedly, she relishes a luxurious and delightful lifestyle with her lovely family in her hometown. With obvious, Tingting’s income source is the Primary Income source of YouTube stars plus Twitch Star through her profession.

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