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Many people become instantly famous as soon as they appear on some reality TV show. Tom Brooks is one of them. If you love watching reality TV shows, you might already recognize him from his appearance in the reality show 90 Days Fiance.

In the show, he was seen as a love interest of Darcey Silva. To know more about them and their current relationship status, keep on reading.

Relationship Status – Single

At present, the famous American reality television star, Tom Brooks is single at the moment. Despite all the speculation made about Darcey and Tom’s relationship, this couple might have already called it quits. It was seen quite clear after a photo of Tom surfaced the internet where he is posing with a blonde girl in Milan.

Tom found cheating his girlfriend, Darcey Silva with a blonde girl in milan

Tom with a mysterious blonde girl together being cozy.

Source: Instagram @fraudedbytlc

Some sources claim that they appeared to be very close to each other, so the two of them might be dating.

Darcey Silva stating that she is single via Instagram

Source: Instagram @DarceySilva

As for Darcey, in a deleted Instagram post, she shared a picture of herself with a caption “Single and ready to mingle,” making it clear that the reality couple has definitely broken up. Here is a video of Tom and Darcey on the show.


As for Tom Brooks’ past relationship in the show, he mentions about a girl named Roucelle. According to him, he dated her for quite some time before deciding that they were better off as friends. He says that he has known her for over 5 years and is really close to her. Roucelle is one of his closest friends as of now.

Tom’s Ex, Darcey Silva

Darcey was born on September 23, 1974, in the United States. The 44 year TV personality is popular for her appearance in the TLC reality show 90 Days Fiance.  She is also an executive producer and a co-founder of Hof11 & 11th Entertainment film.

Darcey and Tom

Darcey and Tom on their reality show

Source: realityblurb

Darcey also has a twin sister Stacey. She has 2 children Aniko Bollok, Aspen Bollok with her former partner, Frank Bollok. Darcey has also dated z in the past before moving on to Tom. 

Rumors & Controversies

Tom who currently resides in Nottingham, England, has been surrounded by many controversies during his appearance on the TLC reality show. Darcey suspected that Tom might have been cheating on her with other women all throughout the season. Even her fans think so, and Darcey has revealed that she gets constant messages on her Instagram, stating that Tom was fake. Many believe that Tom’s relationship with Darcey was fake, and he was doing it all for the popularity.

Not just that, the TV personality has also been caught faking images in his Instagram account. He was caught as a faker stealing other Instagram users’ luxury lifestyle photos and passing them off as his own. He just wanted to show his rich lifestyle. When asked about it, he deleted all his photos. According to rumors, even his Instagram followers are fake.

Tom Brooks
Tom Brooks showing his lavish lifestyle

Source: newsbreak

Not just this, he has been in scandal after posing for a picture with a blonde woman at a fashion event in Milan. He said that she was just his dance partner, but the followers of the couple Tom and Darcey disagree with it. Many believe that Tom has cheated on Darcey with other women as he is seen with other women time and again.

Net Worth and Income

Tom has mentioned in the show that he is a salesman for a fitness company. So, it can be estimated that he has an average salary of £29,297 per year, which is around $37,901 in USD. Moreover, according to his Instagram, he has another job to his resume. He is also a selling Organo, which is a company that makes organic drinks, nutritional beverages, and personal care products.  So, he might also be earning a hefty amount of salary from his job.

In addition to his income, he could also be earning from his appearance in the TLC reality show. So, it can be said that he has amassed a decent fortune as a net worth of around $400,000. Although his appearance in the reality television program hasn’t led him to gather as much wealth as Joanna Krupa, it has probably been a fruitful career.

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