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Let’s have some review about Constance Wu before going to the topic. Her fans can recognize her as an American actress who is known for her character as Jessica Huang in the ABC comedy series Fresh Off the Boat. In sense, she is whatever today just because of this show which she is doing with her self-confidence and inner passion. She was born in America and refer to herself as an Asian American. Wu lives in Los Angeles. She has a pet rabbit named Lida Rose.

Constance Wu & her White Boyfriend
Constance Wu & her White Boyfriend

Now, its turn to get to the main topic. There is a matter of surprise that the person to whom she is busy in love with the current date is not Asian. Actually, she advocates or speaks on behalf of Asian Americans, so, it is sure that she might have been in connection with some Asian fellow. But the matter here is uneven. There will be no beacon of the fact that being Asian she will or should only date Asian men.

Constance Wu Dating

Simply put, she is doing romance with a white man. When she does so, there will be lots of questions arising for her. People may call her a traitor that she is not interested in Asian men. The question here is she prefers white rather than Asian being belonging to Asian but why? This doesn’t make any sense. People will love who they love, no matter the skin tone or ethnic background.

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There is no use of being such judgemental to her. Everyone has their own life and how they live it, it’s upon them. Others cannot force or compel to disturb life. Everyone has its own rights and they will use it properly. In the case of love, the person who understands the feelings and cares about you deserves your love. There is equality among all men whether they belong to the same ethnic or different.

Constance Wu with her boyfriend
Constance Wu with her boyfriend

Having the connection with a white person by Asian woman is not bad. If Constance Wu is getting closer to a white boyfriend, that does not mean her character is bad. And it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t respect tradition and culture. What heart wants is the reason for happiness. She finds the reason for her pleasure in her white boyfriend. Her heart demands him.

More about Constance Wo’s Boyfriend

People believe that her show Fresh Off the Boat is about a Chinese family living in America. There is believe that what she does in the drama series have some impact on her real and private life. That impact should let her be in love with some fellow Chinese or Asian individual. But it’s not like that.

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Constance Wu Taking Selfie with her boyfriend
Constance Wu Taking Selfie with her boyfriend

There is a huge difference between professional life and personal life. One who adopts in professional life can’t adapt like that in personal life. Personal life depends on the own will and professional life depends on the guidance of the boss or head of the office.

To sum up, everyone has a different taste of love. Love don’t see race or caste. It is the connection of two hearts irrespective of skin color.


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