Having a healthy meal is necessary. In these present generations, a lot of concentration is placed on seeing aesthetically excellent. Seeing almost every Hollywood star with ripped and chiseled power has only fueled the desire to get remarkable physiques. For instance, seldom people begin ketogenic diets to get shredded constitution body.

The standard ketogenic diet consists of devouring only protein and fats, and totally abstaining from carbohydrates. Now, although such diet can help you get super lean physique, it does a lot of wrong to your body. Not only it will adversely affect the vital bodily functions that use carbs for fuel but can leave you feeling fuzzy and dizzy.


Tofu has earned significant recognition as an excellent replacement for meat. This huge protein food is universally applied by the vegetarian fitness fan and athletes who would unless miss out on vital amino acids that are habitually present in meats. Nevertheless, modern education and research have exposed that eating a lot of tofu can have the disagreeable effect on your brain and cognitive abilities.According to facts, one investigation accompanied on more than 700 elderly Indonesians found that high tofu consumption (at least once a day) was correlated with worse memory, unusually among those over age 68.


It is all too completely acknowledged that huge sodium eating is associated with blood pressure intricacy and cardiovascular diseases. Notwithstanding, a modern investigation has exposed that high sodium, when linked with low levels of physical exercise, can be dangerous news for your cognitive abilities. For this Canadian study, the researchers investigated the physical activity and sodium consumption of 1262 participants, aged 67 to 84.


Tuna is one of the latest superfoods. Omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, iron and B vitamins are some of the many vital nutrients and minerals present in tuna. Continuing an outstanding origin of dietary protein, it is particularly preferred by athletes and bodybuilders. The other advantages connected with the annual consumption of tuna include lowered risk of coronary heart disease, improved immune system, fewer triglyceride levels and prevention of high blood pressure.

4)Saturated Fats

According to a new investigation announced in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, a diet large in saturated fat along with causing the host of heart difficulties can also lead to cognitive function impairment. The investigation was accompanied at the University of Montreal. However, there is a catch that the study was conducted on the group of rats.