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    Have you ever wondered what’s inside the life of famous comedians? If yes, then we are here to provide you all the details about your favorite Youtube star who is living a very blissful life with his wife. The Youtube star is none other than Amiri King.

    With a huge name, fame, and earnings, Amiri is giving his wife a very luxurious life. So let’s plunge into the Kings article without wasting any more time.

    Amiri King’s Life Before Marriage

    Getting fame means you are in a public raider. There are thousands of people always trying to know your birth to till date details. The case is no different in case of Amiri and his personal life. Although King found limelight just three years back, many people want to know his life when he was just normal life.

    Image: Amiri King taking a Selfie
    Image: Amiri King taking a Selfie

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    Louisville, Kentucky born Amiri real name is Tony Donovan Schork. King fled from his home just at the age of eleven and carried out some shady deals which at the age of 16 brought him behind bars. Altogether he spent his five years of life in the jail.

    He looked at ways to change his lifestyle after release from prison in 2000, then started off his Youtube career. He is a motivational speaker and has been exchanging his experiences with young children from high school to high school ever since then.

    Who is Amiri King’s Wife?

    From his past affairs, Amiri has three beautiful kids named Marcy, Kennedy, and Tilly. Yes, you heard that right guy, Kings have three kids and is just married to his girlfriend, Sara Ruminski. Along with fans and fame, Amiri found a lady who exchanged the vows with him to spend the rest of her life with King. Before getting married, Amiri and Sara briefly dated for two years.

    Image: Amiri with his family
    Image: Amiri King with his family

    Amiri is a kind of person who loves to keep his personal life to himself as he hasn’t made any move to make his wife Ruminski public. The star is aware of what can be done the information given the media, so he is preventing his family from all the unnecessary gossips. The most interesting fact is Amiri hasn’t yet posted a single picture of his wife.

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    On the other hand, King often posts a picture of his children on the various social media platform. Along with the image of his children, King also posts funny videos and photos in the Instagram account.