Quick Facts of Barbara Broccoli

  • Full NameBarbara Broccoli
  • Net Worth$300 million
  • Date of Birth18 June, 1960
  • Marital Status Divorced
  • BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
  • Ethnicity White
  • ProfessionFilm Producer
  • Nationality American
  • Active Year1977
Photo of a producer Barbara Broccoli

One of the most successful female producers in the entertainment industry Barbara Broccoli is popular for her work on the hit James Bond series. Furthermore, she also worked as an assistant director in the movies including Octopussy and A View to a Kill.

In this capsule, we discuss the details of Barbara’s early life, career, relationships, net worth, as well as her overall achievements. Read the whole article to know all the details.

Barbara Broccoli Bio & Wiki

The James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli was born on June 18, 1960, in Los Angeles, California. Born in the city of Hollywood, Broccoli wanted to be involved in the Hollywood industry from a very young age. Her father Albert R.(Cubby) Broccoli is the producer of the original James Bond series whereas her mother Dana Wilson Broccoli is an actress.

Barbara Broccoli in an event
Barbara Broccoli in an event

As Barbara grew up behind the James Bond screen, she traveled to different exotic locations with her family. As a child, Broccoli played with photocopy machines in her father’s company Eon Productions Ltd. Barbara wanted to embody her parents in a way so she decided to become a producer as well.

Furthermore, Broccoli studied Motion Picture and Television Communications in college. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

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Barbara Broccoli Career

As Barbara Broccoli is the daughter of the owner of Eon Productions company, it was easy for her to get a job. Barbara first worked beside her father in the production of Octopussy as an executive assistant in 1983. Later, in 1995, Albert handed over the control of Eon Productions to Barbara and her half-brother Michael G. Wilson.

Barbara Broccoli with Michael G. Wilson

Once Barbara was in charge of the company, it was her and her brother’s mission to bring James Bond back on screen. Bond 17 aka GoldenEye came out in 1995 which starred Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. This along with other James Bond series became a worldwide hit.

Tragically, Albert passed away after a year in 1996 which was a grievous loss. However, Broccoli created the stage musical version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang alongside producer Michael Rose. The original film starred Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes. For this musical, Broccoli hired the man The Sherman Brothers who wrote five songs that debuted in 2002.

The 58-year-old producer Barbara Broccoli

Furthermore, this musical show transitioned to Broadway but received poor reviews. It also lost its investment of $15 million. However, in 2012, Barbara co-produced Chariots of Fire where she introduced Dodi Fayed in this play. Barbara co-produced this play alongside the 1981 Oscar-winning producer Hugh Hudson.

In addition to that, Broccoli’s productions excluding James Bond franchise includes Crime of the Century, La Cava, A Steady Rain, Catwalk Confidential, Once, Love Letters, and many more. Likewise, her other film credits include Othello(2016), Strangers on a Train, The Country Girls and The Kid Stays in the Picture.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Barbara Broccoli?

The 58-year-old producer Barbara Broccoli has an estimated net worth of $300 million. Broccoli is one of the most successful film producers in the century as she amassed a huge amount to her name.

Broccoli’s first official James Bond film GoldenEye grossed a hefty amount of $106 million worldwide. Along with that, Octopussy gathered $67 million worldwide. Barbara’s play Chariots of Fire also earned $58 million in the box office.

Adding all these amounts, we can easily calculate the net worth of Barbara Broccoli. With her dedication in her father’s company since the age of 17, she is able to amass such a hefty wealth. Along with that, she also gets a lot of respect and love from her fans.

Who Is The Husband Of Barbara Broccoli?

The James Bond producer Barbara was previously married to director and producer Frederick M. Zollo. They split up for unspecified reasons. Along with that, details about when and how they met is not disclosed to the public. However, the ex-couple were allegedly married for three years.

Barbara Broccoli with ex-boyfriend James Martin
Barbara Broccoli with ex-boyfriend James Martin

After her divorce, Broccoli dated James Martin. They met in 2001 when Broccoli said she would pay £18,000 for him to cook a meal at her Chelsea Penthouse. After six weeks, he turned up at Barbara’s house regularly to cook for her. They agreed instantly and their relationship began.

However, the couple mutually decided to break up in 2005 as their differences increased. It was hard for both of them to move on but they claimed it would be best for both of them. After her breakup with James, Barbara is not involved in any relationship. She is single and mostly focuses on her career.