Quick Facts of Brendon Boyd Urie

  • Full NameBrendon Boyd Urie
  • Net Worth$8 million
  • Date of Birth12 April, 1987
  • NicknameBrendon Urie
  • Marital Status Married
  • BirthplaceSt George Utah
  • Ethnicity White-American
  • ProfessionSinger, Musician
  • Nationality American
  • Active Year2004-present
  • Eye colour Grey
  • Hair colour Black
  • SpouseSarah Orzechowski
  • Height1.74
  • Weight150 lbs
  • EducationPalo Verde high school
  • Online PresenceInstagram, Twitter
  • Horoscope Aries

If you are a fan of Pop-rock music, then you must be familiar with the Las Vegas-based band Panic! at the disco. But do you know who is behind the rock voice in the band? He is none other than singer, songwriter, and musician Brendon Urie. 

Some of the popular albums of his group are Money Sucks, Friends rule, Friends keep secrets and Lover. All these are his professional life, so what about his personal life? Is he married? What about his net worth?

To find out, continue reading the article below:

Utah Native

Brendon Urie was born as Brendon Boyd Urie on April 12, 1987, in St.George, Utah. He was taken to his father, Boyd Urie and his mother, Grace Urie, a native of Hawaii. Urie grew up in Los Angeles after his parents moved to the city when he was two. He grew up as the youngest child in the family alongside brothers Matt Urie, Mason Urie and two elder sisters, Kyla Urie and Kara Urie.
He moved to Las Angeles at the age of two.
Brendon Urie during childhood. Source: Pinterest
Currently 32, year-old was brought up by the Christian faith but left it after he reached 17 years of age due to displeasure with the church and not-believing in its ideology. Moreover, Urie attended Palo Verde high school in Las Vegas. It was the same school where he met Panic! bass guitarist Brent Wilson during a guitar lesson in the art class. During that time, he got offered by Brent to try out in their band as a replacement for their guitarist.
Urie was always insecure and faced bullying in his school days because of cerebral palsy. After school, he worked various jobs to pay the rent for their band practice space. While working at the cafe, he often sang songs from popular bands Scorpions and W.A.S.P, which some people liked, and some didn’t. Due to his soothing voice, Urie was usually offered tips that made his life easy during the struggling days.

Married a fan

Urie married Sarah Orzechowski on April 27, 2013, at saddle rock Ranch in Malibu, where she wore a Vera Wang gown, and Urie looked stunning in a black suit. She is a self-described skin-care enthusiast. He met her during his band tour for the album Pretty odd. They had met casually. However, nothing happened then because she was already in a relationship.

Sarah was his fan before marrying.
Brendon and his wife Sarah on the day of marriage. Source: People

Luckily, he again met her after eight-month, thanks to his fellow friend from the rock band Hayley Williams. Hayley brought Sarah to one of Urie’s shows and re-introduced him to her. Nevertheless, they instantly felt a deep connection and started dating each other.

The couple is married for over 7 years.
Brendon with his wife during an event. Source: alt press

Ultimately after dating for a couple of months, they decided to get engaged in September 2011, followed by marriage in 2013. After tieing the knot, Urie has given his wife Sarah some of the biggest surprises. For instance, he dedicated a song named ”Sarah Smile” to his wife from the third album of his band named ”Vices & Virtues”. Similarly, his wife once again influenced Urie to release an album called ”Death of a Bachelor” in January 2016.


When it comes to sexual orientation, Urie considers himself a Pansexual, which is a phenomenon where the connection of sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex. Although he considers himself straight, he doesn’t mind making love with a man if a person is great.

He is pansexual.
Brendon is in a weird get-up. Source: we heart it

In his own words, Urie said:

“I’m married to a woman and I’m very much in love with her but I’m not opposed to a man because to me, I like a person. … If a person is great, then a person is great”

Well, it might sound easy, but it needs guts to accept who you are. As of now, despite the phenomenon, his married life with Sarah is perfectly fine. The couple is expecting a child and lives happily in Los Angeles.

Net worth-$8 million

Brendon has a total net worth of $8 million from his career as a vocalist in the band Panic! in the disco. The band has sold over 1 million copies worldwide until now. The Las Vegas band earned $6 million from a tour that included one with pop artist Taylor Swift. The band consists of members like Bartram Nason, Eric Ronick, Ian Crawford, Kenneth Harris, Nicole Row, and Dezire Hazlery.

He bought the house for $1.17 million.
Brendon’s house in Las Angeles. Source: Smart purchase

Additionally, the couple lives lavish lives, as their Instagram activities suggest. Currently, he lives in Encino, Los Angeles house, which he bought for $1.17 million. The home was previously listed for $1.99 million.