Gabriel Iglesias & His Wife Claudia Valdez Married Life

Today we are getting into the persoanl life of popular movies and television shows star Gabriel Jesus Iglesias. Till date he has worked in I’m Not Fat … I’m Fluffy, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Hot & Fluffy, The Fluffy Movie.

He is also an American comedian, actor, author, producer, and voice actor. Since he is already 41, his hundreds of fans are wondering about his marital status. So, if you want to know more about his personal life, we suggest you read the entire article.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias’ Wife?

It can be quite surprising to a lot of Gabriel’s fans, but the fact is that Claudia Valdez is not Gabriel’s wife. They are, in fact, they are just dating each other and are boyfriend, girlfriend for a long time. Since 2008, the couple is together and are still going strong. The chemistry between the pair is so great that their fans often mistake them as a husband and wife.

Gabriel Iglesias
Image: Gabriel Iglesias with his girlfriend

However, it’s the fact that the beautiful pair has not yet married. It seems quite apparent that the couple is tying the knot anytime soon, but the couple is going so strong that isn’t they might also not break up anytime soon. Nevertheless, none of their fans would love waiting to see their marriage, right?

How Gabriel Iglesias & Claudia Valdez Met?

They supposedly met for the first time in 2008 during a “Make A Wish” case at the Laugh Factory. Right after the first meeting, they got along quickly and since then have been dating each other.

Ever since Iglesias started dating Valdez, he hasn’t been seen with any other female. Iglesias is one of the loyal boyfriends that girls want. Moreover, before, Claudia Gabriel never dated any woman. It seems Valdez will be his first as well as last girlfriend.

On the other hand, the same is not the case for Claudia. Unlike Gabriel, before Gabriel, Claudia had been in a relationship with another person. She also has a son, from her prior relationship.

Know Gabriel Iglesias’ Relationship with Claudia Valdez’ son

Gabriel is leading a beautiful life along with his girlfriend and stepson. Although he is not a biological father, he shares a strong bond with his 20-year-old son.

Gabriel Iglesias
Image: Gabriel Iglesias with his stepson

The comedian is always up to his stepson’s praises and is always there to help him financially or emotionally. We can say that for his stepson Frankie, the rich man can shower his tremendous net worth. The actor, 41, often shares in social media his love for his kid.