“Not quitting, or giving up. When things start going downhill, I can pivot and find ways to turn the situation into a positive one.” Coy Christmas said this line and he lives by it. Christmas with this attitude has created a million-dollar company feeding him millions in net worth.

The owner and CEO of the company Fasetto lives a lavish lifestyle which he earned from his ‘Never give up’ attitude. Let’s explore more into his wealth and his company. And if you are curious about finding more about him, read along.

Coy Christmas Net Worth. What is his source of Income?

The precise net worth of this serial entrepreneur is not known. But looking at his company fortune we can guess it is in millions. Coy’s major source of income comes from the revenue of his company and his business ventures. Although the net worth is incomparable, German Businessman Ramtin Abdo also has similar wealth.

Coy Christmas (right) introducing new portable cloud storage devices from Fasetto

Christmas is the co-founder and CEO of the file-sharing company Fasetto. The guy who has established many other companies in the gaming industry only to sell later takes pride in Fasetto. Fasetto helps consumers in online or offline file sharing, cloud storage, and messaging feature.

It has helped many consumers and made their life very easy. Every problem brings the opportunity and in this case, Coy and his friend designed the company from same way. Prior to this Luke Malpass and Coy worked in education software and created a file-sharing software to help them in file sharing.

It is a small idea and now after they successfully designed the software, it is creating wonders in many people lives.

Coy Christmas, the Serial Entrepreneur…

Christmas specializes in developing companies from scratch and making it successful in order to sell it. He is a visionary leader and a good strategist who brings this skill to the Fasetto as well.

Prior to establishing Fasetto, Coy is responsible for creating companies like BragGame Rights, Inc. and BGRMODS, LLC. These are the business ventures established in the gaming industry. He formed the companies in 2008 and after some time of operation, he sold it.

Coy Christmas in his office at BragGame Rights, Inc.

It was all about creating hardware devices for gaming like console and controller modification hardware. Coy did not stop there as he formed another company in 2009. Again in the same sector, the company, Einsteinmodz.com sells game controller.

Furthermore, in 2011 Christmas established Calibur 11, LLC selling game consoles through Best Buy, Game Stop, and Wal-Mart. Christmas doesn’t take “no” for an answer and this attitude helped him to craft his career so far.

Coy Christmas’s Lamborghini and his Lifestyle

Besides entrepreneurship, Coy calls himself a car enthusiast, a traveler, and a family man. He loves cars and owns a special Lamborghini in his garage. Not just that, his love for fast cars got him more luxury cars in his garage.

Coy Christmas’s Lamborghini

Lamborghini costs around $274,390 in the states and the price of his other cars might be similar. Coy is a family man and spends a lot of time with his wife and children. He has a son and a daughter with his wife Alexandria Christmas.

Coy Christmas (left) with his wife Alexandria Christmas (right)

With his millions of dollars in wealth, Coy added a million-dollar mansion in his asset list. He lives a luxurious life and with $5 million and $6 million deals for wearable technologies, his company fortune is sure to hit new heights. As of now, Coy lives a lavish lifestyle just like Kendall Taylor, an American businessman.

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