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Holly molly we wish we had the kind of money that John Mellencamp does. Well, if we had a sort of John’s voice then for sure we could right? Wrong? Noo. Okay, guys, you must have already guessed by now who we are going to talk about. Yes, it’s none other than John Mellencamp.

Today we will gush about the richness of Mellencamp from his successful career, so get your popcorn ready as the article is getting interesting. Without further ado, let’s dive into the article of Mellencamp, which includes everything about his earning.

John Mellencamp’s Career & Professional Life

As we all are aware of the fact that John Mellencamp is a popular 80’s and 90’s singer and songwriter. Меllеnсаmр ѕtаrtеd оff hіѕ singing career whеn hе trаvеllеd fоr 18 mоnthѕ frоm Іndіаnа tоwаrdѕ Nеw Yоrk Сіtу. To be precise, his career started off in 1976. While getting into the business, he met Тоnу DеFrіеѕ оf МаіnМаn Маnаgеmеnt to start his work.

John Mellencamp
Image: John Mellencamp in a concert

In 1976 itself, John released his debut album, Chestnut Street Incident. Then, he released his second and third album, A Biography and John Cougar. Later in 80’s he gave away the records like Nothin’ Matters, What If It Did and so on. Ever since then, his music career has marked an excellent territory. Till date, Mellencamp has released 24 studio, two live, three compilation, 65 singles, one tribute, and one guest singles.

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Wondering how much is John Mellencamp’s Net Worth?

After working in the field for more than 4o years, John has accumulated a hefty amount of net worth as there is no denying on that. The multi-award winning singer has earned a net worth of $25 million as of 2019.

This singer is the record leading to # 1 on the Hot Main Stream Rock Track chart for highest music by a solo artist which has earned him millions. Additionally, he also helped to build Farm Aid that spreads consciousness and supports fund funds for family farms. Since 1985, Farm Aid has organized and financed over $45 million for one year of concerts. In the same way, John Mellencamp is a singer who has credits for selling more albums around the world, i.e., 40 million album.

John Mellencamp
Image: John Mellencamp in front of the artwork

In addition to his singing and songwriting, he also has appeared in several movies. He also worked in the film such as Falling from Grace, Madison, After Image, and Lone Star State of Mind which earned him thousands. The star is also available on Instagram with his name, John Mellencamp.

John Mellencamp
Image: John Mellencamp shared a picture of the artwork on his Instagram page

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John often posts a picture of himself on the social media site. Most of his posts are related to his concerts and albums, and he rarely posts a photo on vacation. John is not a very fan of the tuxedo as most of the time; he wears casual wear. Looking at his Instagram page, we realized that, Mellencamp is a big art lover and often shares a picture of the canvas that costs thousands.


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