Going through a serious accident Linda Ripa was left with a scar which left her unborn baby into a coma for four weeks. From this we can gather that, Ripa is married or is she? What happened to her child? Who is her Husband?

Ripa keeps her personal life very private but we do know she is an author. Besides that, she is also the elder sister of famous actress Kelly Ripa. If you are curious to know more about her family life, children, and her husband, then keep reading.

Linda Ripa’s Married Life. Who is her Husband?

The 50-years-old author is probably single at the moment but she was married once. It is still unclear whether her husband is still with her and they are living in a blissful marital relationship. But referring to many online sources, we can come into the conclusion that Ripa is currently single.

Linda Ripa enjoying her time in a Yacht

In the past, Linda might’ve tied the knot but as per some sources she was not. Rather Ripa only got engaged with a police officer, however, his name is not revealed as of now. From her romantic affair with the cop, the author gave birth to a child.

Linda Ripa’s Children

The 50-years-old author gave birth to a son named Sergio Giuseppe Ripa from her relationship with the cop. Sergio is the child who went through some scare even before his birth. During her bed rest period, she wrote a book called ‘The Ladybug Blues’.

With her new book The Ladybug Blues, Linda Ripa

Linda met with an accident at the traffic stop where she was hit by a minivan. At the time of an accident, Ripa was seven months old pregnant. Because of the accident, Ripa broke her pelvis bone leading Sergio to go into a coma.

Linda went through a major operation while taking out the kid before time. During the operation, Ripa insisted on not taking any sort of anesthetics to save her child. Finally, Sergio came out of a coma after four weeks and Linda had a big sigh of relief.

Ripa said,

“We don’t know how it happened, but it did and, of course, we call him Miracle Baby.”

Ripa further went through multiple surgeries before getting back to normal.


Linda Ripa’s Rumors and Controversies

So far, the author is part of only one controversy where she filed a lawsuit against her doctor Dr. Menachem Meller. According to her, he rushed Ripa to the operation without her informed consent. Besides that, Dr. did not properly fix her broken ankle.

Her case was that she couldn’t pursue her dream of acting, modeling, and a job offer from her sister, Kelly Ripa. Kelly offered a $150,000 a year salary job to Linda to be the personal assistant. After the case, she won $15 million in the lawsuit.

Linda Ripa (left) with her sister Kelly Ripa (right) at her book launch

Her sister Kelly Ripa is married to her best friend Mark Consuelos in 1996. Linda is living her personal life and also advocates for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

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