Quick Facts of Jeff Nippard

  • Full NameJeff Nippard
  • Date of Birth06 October, 1990
  • NicknameJeff
  • Marital Status Dating
  • BirthplaceNewfoundland, Canada.
  • Ethnicity Canadian
  • ProfessionBody Builder, Drug-free Power lifter, YouTuber
  • Nationality Canadian
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Blonde
  • BuildFit
  • Height164 cm
  • Weight180 lbs
  • Online PresenceInstagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • Horoscope Libra
Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is a Canadian bodybuilder and a drug-free powerlifter. He is famous for making science-based training tips on his YouTube channel as well as Instagram and Twitter page. He also shares tips on losing fats and gaining muscles and motivates his followers and subscribers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, this confident bodybuilder shares traveling experiences with his girlfriend, who is as fit as him.

He has been involved in bodybuilding since the age of 18. Also, his girlfriend is currently doing her Ph.D. and is engaged in bodybuilding. Nippard was formerly in a relationship with the fitness model, Robin Gallant. To find out more about  Jeff Nippard, the article until the end.

Born in the Family of Bodybuilders

Jeff Nippard was born on October 6, 1990, in Newfoundland, Canada. Jeff was born in a family where his mother, Denise Henstridge, was involved in bodybuilding and fitness. Jeff’s parents introduced him to the Gym at an early age of fifteen. While Jeff was young, his parents would bring fitness magazines into the house that he would read.

YouTuber Fitness Bodybuilder Jeff Nippard with his bodybuilder mother.
Jeff Nippard and his mother Source: Instagram Posted by @jeffnippard

Before he reached the age of nineteen, Jeff was very much into fitness and bodybuilding already. Jeff Nippard has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from  Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He also enrolled at Dalhousie University in Canada to study  Dentistry. However, he dropped out after two years of studying to focus and build a career on Fitness and Bodybuilding.

In a Relationship with Stephanie Buttermore

The 28-year-old bodybuilder is in a relationship with Stephanie Buttermore since mid-late October 2016. At the time the two knew each other, they were living in different countries. Stephanie was living in Florida, USA, while Jeff was living in Canada. The couple decided to make several trips to both countries to be able to see each other from time to time. Jeff and Stephanie take the time to visit each other in Florida and British Columbia.

Bodybuilder Jeff Nippard and YouTuber Dr. Stephanie Buttermore.
Jeff Nippard and Stephanie Buttermore. Source: Instagram Posted By @stephanie_buttermore

Stephanie Buttermore, 29, is a cancer research scientist and a Ph.D. holder in pathology and cell biology. She also has a YouTube channel where she makes videos about fitness, training, food challenges, beauty, and lifestyle with the science involved in it.

Bodybuilder Jeff Nippard and his Girlfriend Dr. Stephanie Buttermore.
Jeff Nippard and his Girlfriend Stephanie Buttermore. Source: Instagram Posted by @stephanie_buttermore

The couple is a total fitness freak. They enjoy spending their time at the gym, helping each other to workout. If they are not the example of a power couple, we don’t know who is! Moreover, a rumor surfaced that Stephanie has been married before. However, there is no confirmation from Stephanie herself to date.

Former Relationship

Before Jeff’s relationship with Stephanie Buttermore, Jeff was in a relationship with Robin Gallant. Robin Gallant is a Canadian Bikini Competitor. Just as Jeff himself, she is also a drug-free powerlifter. During their time in a relationship, Jeff and Robin co-founded an online coaching program called STRCNG.

Bikini Model Robin Gallant and founder of Gymshark Ben Francis.
Robin Gallant and Ben Francis. Source: Gymshark.

Together, they inspired many individuals to maintain a happy life. However, the couple parted their ways. Moreover, Robin is currently in a relationship with Ben Francis. Ben Francis is the founder of Gymshark.   

Net Worth

Jeff Nippard has a net worth of $500,000. He earned his worth of fortune through his YouTube channel and also by taking part in various championships. According to Influence Marketing Hub, Jeff Nippard has an estimated earning of $1,300 per video. Most of his income is made through YouTube, which has a total of 1.69million subscribers. And a total view of 152,740,937 views.

Moreover, he has won and participated in various championships relating to fitness and weightlifting since the age of 19. Likewise, he also coaches as a fitness trainer, for which he charges from $10$25. Also, he makes trips to the USA and back to Canada frequently. We’re sure Jeff is doing very well for himself.