Margherita Ronchi Married Life With her Husband Matthew Fox

There is no doubt that former Italian model Margherita Ronchi has found her place in the field of entertainment. Yet, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she earned most of her fame due to her marriage with actor/director Matthew Fox. In addition to her modeling career, Ronchi also has worked as a backbone in his resounding achievement in the acting field.

The fans who know Margherita from her modeling career itself are curious about her life after the marriage. If you are one of them and want to know more about Ronchi, we suggest you read the article.

Know about Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox’s Married Life

Unlike any other fairy tale, Margherita and Matthew had a very casual startup of their relationship. For the first time around 1987, Ronchi met her present spouse Matthew Fox in New York City. At that time both of them were studying at the Atlantic Theater Company.

Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox
Image: Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox for an Event

Margherita couldn’t even speak English properly back then, but the bond between the two became evident. As they say, if something is meant to be it will be, so despite having a language problem to communicate, the couple found a way to know each other.

The couple then married in August 1992, after dating for some years, when Matthew’s career graph took a big leap. After they walked down the aisle together, she helped her husband to flourish in his career.

Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox's Children
Image: Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox, daughter

Finally, her husband got a prominent position in the Lost TV series, which is one of the most popular programs of that time. Even after 27 years of marriage, Ronchi and Fox share a very beautiful and understanding bond with each other. Ronchi and Fox give true couple goals.

Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox’s Children

As for now, Matthew and Margherita are proud parents of two children. The pair are living a peaceful life with a daughter Kyle and a son named Byron. There are no other details about her children as they want to protect their family from any other media exposer. Just like their parents, Kyle and Bryon might be into the entertainment industry. The fan of Margherita and Matthew should wait a while to make any public announcement about their children.

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Margherita Ronchi & Matthew Fox’s Past Relationship

There are no details about the past relationship about both the star Margherita and Matthew. Both the couple claims that they are each other’s, first love. Isn’t it dreams come true guys to fall in love for the first time and find them as a life partner? However, the pair are living most of the people dreams for real.