America’s Got Talent Quarter-finalist, The Sacred Riana has left her mark among the audience. In 2018, fans took to twitter showing their anger against AGT for abruptly cutting the end of The Sacred Riana’s act.

Antoinette created quite a buzz among the people and many of them want to more about her. Especially, about the 27-year-old relationship status. We’re going to discover more about the Indonesian Illusionist personal life.

The Sacred Riana’s Relationship Status. Who is her Boyfriend

Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani also is known as The Sacred Raina is probably single. Antoinette keeps her personal life very secret as she has not spoken anything about her relationship.

The Sacred Raina is very active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but in any of the social media platforms. But in all of the platforms, Antoinette is alone in the picture which suggests she is single.

The Sacred Riana in America’s Got Talent

The 27-year-old is currently focused on her career and looks up to David Copperfield for inspiration. She is not looking for a boyfriend at the moment.

Are there any Rumors surrounding The Sacred Raina?

The Sacred Raina featured in The Next Mentalist where she finished second. Antoinette gained a lot of fame after that and she went on to feature in Asia’s Got Talent. The illusionist finished second in the first season, however, Antoinette made her comeback in the second season and won it.

The Sacred Riana (second from left) with the judges of Asia’s Got Talent after winning the show

As of 2019, The Sacred Raina is not surrounded by any rumors and controversies in her personal life. Born in Indonesia Antoinette learned magic from her Father and draws a lot of inspiration from him too.

Though she avoids controversies in her personal life, her magic definitely grabs a lot of headlines. The Sacred Raina made her appearance in 2018 America’s Got Talent. She received three yeses from Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel but received a No from Simon Cowell.

The Sacred Raina’s “AGT” shenanigans…

Antoinette act went through drama in 2018 America’s Got Talent when the show abruptly cut her act. The act surely terrified most of the people including the judges. During the performance, The Sacred Raina took out a voodoo doll with Mel B’s face.

After that, Antoinette started her act and was scaring the hell out of people; then suddenly the act cut to a commercial during her final part. All the viewers were surprised and took to Twitter to show their enraged. Everybody started freaking out and tweeted,

“Was it a glitch?! Did she escape the other blue dress-wearing Sacred Rainas?! Why Did This Happen?!”

These are some of the questions that the viewers asked. Even after the commercial Host, Tyra Banks moved on with after act comments and the rage among the fans even grew. But later, AGT’s spokesperson told that the whole cutting to the commercial thing was indeed part of the act.

Even though The Sacred Raina did not make it to the next round but she left quite the mark among the audience. Antoinette is currently focusing on her next tour as she announced on her Instagram. Good Luck to her…to scare people again!!

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