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The rate at which through the internet, one can reach the pinnacle of achievement is phenomenal. Popular social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are hot and happening and have the potential to turn a person into a star overnight. Today we are going to talk about one of the popular comedian and Youtuber.

She is none other than Mikaela Long. Lady Long became super famous on the now defunct 6-second video app, Vine. If you are one of her fans and want to know more about Mikaela Long personal life and family, we suggest you read the article. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

Who is Mikaela Long? Where Does she Live?

Mikaela was born in Southern California, the United States of America. Long might be a popular social media star, but she loves to keep some of her personal details to herself. Therefore, there is no information about her early life and educational background.

Image: Mikaela Long with her friend
Image: Mikaela Long with her friend

In the same way, there are also no details about Long’s current location. She might be residing in Los Angeles as Los Angles is a place where people tend to visit pursue a career in the field of the entertainment world. Or Long might even reside in her hometown, California itself.

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Know more about Mikaela Long Family

Long has a joint family, and they consist of her mum, stepdad, grandmother, and dog. She is likely to have siblings as well, but for now, there are no details about her siblings. Her mom was a model and once posed for the magazine Playboy.

With the same green eyes and blond hair, Long looks a lot like her mother. The information about her biological father is also out of media hand. A great number of her videos features her family, and some of her most famous Vines are those featuring her mother.

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Mikaela Long’s Personal Life: Boyfriend

Long is unmarried, and as much as her fans would love to learn about her love life, it’s hard to say if she’s in any relationship as she’s doing a nice job of maintaining private her personal life. However, her social media post says otherwise, as she constantly posts a picture of one mysterious guy in her Instagram feed. The weirdest thing is she suddenly stopped posting a photo of them together since September 2016.

Mikaela Long
Image: Mikaela Long with her rumored boyfriend

She hasn’t deleted the picture of them together from her social media platform just stopped posting any other picture of them together has given a delusional conclusion. Maybe Long is trying to keep her personal life as low-key as possible. To know her from closer proximity, check her Instagram account.


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