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There are thousands of model all around the world; however, only a few people can win the heart of the audience with their spectacular work. One such model who has gathered a lot of fans with her exceptional talent is LeeAnna Vamp.

Vamp is a self-proclaimed model that stands out from the ordinary ones in the room full of crowds. What her life entails is a spooky little, but worth a look at it anyway. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the article of LeeAnna. Stay tuned to until the end. 

Who is LeeAnna Vamp Husband?

There are thousands of people who want to get to know Vamp’s personal life from closer proximity. Well, killing all the doubts and curiosity, LeeAnna is already married. She tied a knot with her boyfriend Cameron Lee Vamp in October 2015 at Knott’s Berry Farm, which is an amusement park in Buena Park, California.

LeeAnna Vamp
Image: LeeAnna Vamp with her husband and friends in an event

Not only do they share the same last name, but they also have a comparable interest in the entertainment industry. Cameron is an actor and is famous for his role in the horror movie Pool Party Massacre in 2017. The couple shares a very beautiful relationship with each other, and they are perfect ideal couple goals to so many people all around the world.

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LeeAnna Vamp’s Wedding Details

We all know individuals planning their big day and vesting adequate time and effort for all the details of the wedding day. However, the wedding of LeeAnna seemed to have undergone an exceptional process of thought and effort.

LeeAnna Vamp
Image: LeeAnna Vamp with her husband

LeeAnna wedding stood out in every possible way. From the wedding theme to the flowers, the bride and groom dress to its officiator, everything was up to the mark. Their wedding was officiated by Cassandra Peterson, also known as ‘ The Dark Mistress!

LeeAnna Vamp’s & Cameron Lee Vamp called it quits after four years of Marriage?

Well, no guys, they are still a happily married couple. The pair just don’t feel it right to flaunt their personal life in the public eyes. They haven’t started off their family yet, but they might be planning to do it soon. LeeAnna is so low-key that she hasn’t posted a single picture of her husband in her social media till now. However, both of them often attends various events and programs together.

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The couple LeeAnna and Cameron believe in having a personal space and understanding each other, so they haven’t been dragged to any sort of conflicts and scandals till date.


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