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Tamla Kari Cummins is an American actress best known for the film The Musketeers. With her impressive acting skills and charming personality, Tamla has won many hearts of millions around the world.

But is there someone who has won Tamla’s hearts? Well, the 31-year-old is currently not dating anyone. But she has spilled the beans about her boyfriend or possible husband. So, who is the guy? Let’s explore that.

Tamla Kari’s Boyfriend. Who is the Lucky Guy?

The 31-year-old actress is still looking for the right man who can swipe her heart right. Kari is single and definitely not married. So, if you hear the rumors of her husband or her married life, then don’t believe it.

Tamla Kari attending the red carpet event for the movie The Inbetweeners. Image Source – Cosmo.actorz.ru.

Well, people, Kari in a recent interview talked about a guy with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. But the only twist is, the guy is not present in her life. Tamla Kari is talking about her potential boyfriend who could become her husband.

The ravishing beauty still has not found the perfect man to call her spouse. But in an interview, Kari did spill the beans about what should be the features of her dream man.

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The Potential Qualities Her Husband Should Have

Tamla Kari Cummins is looking for a perfect guy but love does not happen that way, does it? It just happens and you accept all the frailty the other person offers. But there will be certain qualities that one might be seeking in his/her partner. And so does Tamla.

So, what are those traits that one should possess to qualify for Kari’s love? Firstly, the guy should respect her opinion and love for what she is. Well, that is one of the qualities that every woman is looking for in their man, isn’t it? Guys, if you are someone who does a lot of mansplaining and seeks to change her, you don’t stand a chance.

Tamla Kari (left) with Andy Samberg (right) in the show Cuckoo. Image Source – Digital Spy.

Kari dated a few men in the past and all of them were liars. So, honesty is the main thing Tamla looks for in her man. In the past, Tamla has faced so many of these men and now she thinks she can tell the intentions of a man in the first meeting. Beware!! If you ever get a chance to go on a date with Tamla, do not lie in any case.

If you are thinking having an enormous net worth gives you the edge. Then don’t bother, Tamla Kari is not a fan of massive wealth. She is a terrific actress who earns really good amount from her movies. Kari looks for a man with a pure golden heart who loves and respect her for who she is.

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Some Rumors and Controversies

Tamla like most celebrities could not escape the tittle-tattle of the media. There were reports like Kari is already married to actor Colling Morgan and has a child with him. But these are just rumored people because there is no evidence to back this up.

Actor Collin Morgan.
Collin Morgan, who is rumored to be the husband of Tamla Kari. Image Source – Collider.

And pretty recently, there are also rumors floating around that Kari has a secret boyfriend and is hiding from everyone else. But as long as Tamla Kari herself does not speak up on the matter we can just speculate.


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