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Gloria Borger went through a successful plastic surgery giving her a facelift. This surgery gave her the much younger look while hiding all of her wrinkles. Borger, a chief political analyst at CNN added extra glamour to her face after the surgery.

The 65-years-old journalist went under the knife to look fresh and maintain her beautiful look for the camera. What impact does this have in her life? Let’s discuss more her plastic surgery, her married life, and her career.

Gloria Borger’s Plastic Surgery

Many celebrities who appear in front of the camera wants to look fresh and young always. This is one of the many reasons media personalities, movie stars, singers go under the knife. Ariana Grande, Rob Lowe, Kate Gosselin, Kim Zolciak Biermann all went under the knife for the same reason.

Borger is no different as she did her facelift for the exact same reason. Many people are watching her on CNN giving her thoughts on political agendas. The viewers started speculating after she started appearing a little different on TV.

Gloria Borger in before and after photo of her plastic surgery

That’s when everybody figured out that she went through plastic surgery. Because of this, Borger looks at least 10-years younger and her media career is still rising. Furthermore, as per some online sources, we can confirm that besides facelift, Borger went under the knife for other purposes as well.

Besides facelift, Borger went under the knife for Botox treatment as well.

Gloria Borger’s Married Life

As of now, Borger is single after she ended her long-time marital relationship with her husband Lance Morgan. The CNN journalist tied the knot with Morgan in an intimate affair, however, they have not announced their wedding date.

Lance Morgan (left) with his ex-wife Gloria Borger (right)

Morgan works as the chief communications strategist of Powell Tate company. The couple ended their marriage pretty recently. From her long marital affair, Borger gave birth to a child named Evan Morgan. Evan is a grown-up man now and is very well settled in his life.

The journalist and her husband were having trouble in their sweet relationship. After some time, the trouble grew more and Borger decided to file for the divorce. The couple split up but they remain respectful of each other as they have not been involved in any public altercations.

Gloria Morgan (in the middle) with her family including her husband Lance Morgan and son Evan Morgan

Her new role as Grandmother…

The 65-years-old journalist is looking forward to enjoying her new role as a grandmother. Borger’s son Evan tied the knot with his pianist girlfriend Mary in 2016. Soon, the couple might give good news to Borger about her new role in the family.

Evan Morgan married his longtime girlfriend Mary Anne Huntsman in November 2016. They are in the list of a power couple as Mary is the daughter of Politician Jon Huntsman. Evan, on the other hand, is a banker and the son of powerful journalist Gloria Borger.

Evan Morgan (right) with his newlywed wife Mary Anne Huntsman (left)

The wedding ceremony was extravagant with much high profile guest attending the wedding. Evan and Mary chose Flathead Lake Lodge in Bigfork as their wedding venue. With the good news yet to come, Borger is already looking forward to enjoying her new role.

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